By mysea8679 - United Kingdom - Newcastle Upon Tyne
Today, whilst trying on wedding dresses with my mom, she told me that I looked fat and awful in the dress I liked. When I told her how hurtful she was being, she told me that I should be grateful that she told me what she thought instead of laughing at me behind my back. FML
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  Ameel_fml  |  19

I agree. Sure, the mother could be nicer about it, but I'd rather people be honest about how an outfit looks on me than lie and tell me I always look good when I don't.

  CaiDog  |  20

People need to become masters at the form of communication called TACT. It's goal is to balance truth and kindness in harmony. like kung fu, but better

By  CrookedCook  |  14

honestly, the truth really doesn't need to come out EVERY time. ( and when I mean truth, I mean the mother's opinion ). I hope what she's said doesn't keep you from having a happy wedding OP.

By  dead_insects  |  18

wow... that's more than a little cruel. I wonder if she's always like that. your fiance thinks you are beautiful, and beauty does NOT come in one size. your mother needs to learn some fucking tact and get some maturity. I'm sorry one of the special parts of your upcoming wedding was ruined by rudeness