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Today, feeling very self-conscious about my looks, I told my mom I felt ugly and wished I could be as beautiful as her. She only said, "Yeah, I'm pretty, I wonder what happened to you." FML
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That's so rude of her. I can tell your mother sure has an ugly personality just from that comment

Great parenting. Sorry OP, i bet you're beautiful!


Great parenting. Sorry OP, i bet you're beautiful!

TheEpicKitten 20

You have no idea if she's beautiful or not. For all we know she could be a hideous land whale

Redgy22 26

What an absolutely horrible thing to say! Everyone is beautiful in their own way. Even you, even with your disgustingly shallow outlook on others.

#40 didnt say OP was a land whale, they simply said we dont know what they actualy look like.

#40. I would say that everyone is beautiful in their own way, but you've just proven to me that there are exceptions... thank you for showing me that some people are hideous even on the inside

1dvs_bstd 41

#1 Great comment! Because you obviously know OP better than herself and her mom. I swear people on this site.

#63. Thanks. I have dealt with friends with this issue and i think it's terrible.

1dvs_bstd 41

#69 of course it's terrible, sweetheart. Parents should love their children unconditionally for who and how they are. But saying 'I bet you're beautiful' sounds like ass kissing which is weird since I can wager my own that you don't know OP outside of this site.

This is why you don't fish for compliments!

People post this stuff to get understanding comments, it doesn't matter even if OP isn't considered beautiful, we should acknowledge what their mum said was horrendous and offer useful advice smh. I swear some people have no morals.

Your mother seems very unsympathetic. Maybe go to someone more nice next time you feel down.

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A person should be able to go to their mom when they're feeling lousy but sometimes people are just stuck with ****** up parents

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Don't worry, there's someone out there who thinks you're pretty. You'll find him someday, don't feel bad about your looks.

There is nothing that actually says that there is someone out there for her. Good thing to say but can lead to disappointment if they don't find someone soon.

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There are plenty of whales in relationships. Myself included. [OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUOOOOOOOOOOOOOO] I must go, my lover is calling me!

^^i wish I could like #74 over and over lmao, 71 I'm sorry you've grown up in such a warped, misogynistic society that you really think a women's self worth if defined by the digits on the scales. However, I'm more sorry that you actually think your opinion on other women's bodies is worth the seconds of my life it took to read, or anyone else's for that matter. Women are thin, fat, tall, small and diverse in every way, yet none of them will ever sleep with you with that amount of respect lmao

That's so rude of her. I can tell your mother sure has an ugly personality just from that comment

it's sad that someone could be so stuck-up, especially to their own child.

You have to kind of admire the honesty, sure she could say a white lie to her own child and just try to boost her confidence off of something she doesn't even believe for herself. Probably better approach would be to explain that looks don't really matter too much and to not think like that. Of course maybe she is just a bitch and op isn't bad looking and maybe her mom isn't even good looking. Maybe there's people that would find op better looking then her mom and the other way around. And there's probably a good amount of other possible scenarios but my point is that honesty should be appreciated even when you sound like an asshole

There's this thing a parent should have that's called unconditional love.

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Actually, #34, there's a difference between honesty and blatant rudeness.

Yea it's blatantly rude but that's what was on her mind. I'm just arguing is it better to think something and cover it up with what your supposed to say or is it better to just say it. And she probably does still unconditionally love her child even though she said something on her mind that was kind of ****** up.

JMichael 25

Sorry 34, but I can't admire a parent that wouldn't try and lift their child's spirits when they're feeling down.

She sounds like one of those popular girls in highschool that know they are pretty and use it to twist everyone and make everybody feel bad because she is prettier than them and rubs it in your face.

she's ugly on the inside and you aren't :) that's all that matters!

Yeah, a parent should build up their children when they're feeling down, not appeal to their own vanity

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Well I'm assuming that's the last time you compliment your mother.

That's when you remind her who gave you your genes.

Gee, her personality certainly didn't turn out as well as her looks. Hang in there, OP!

What you should do is hire a ninja plastic surgeon to switch you guys faces at night and then you can have like a freaky Friday thing going on. Respect follows.