By Mondo - 20/11/2009 00:41 - United States

Today, an old lady on the street told me that I should be wearing a bra because my nipples were visible under my white tee. I am a 37-year-old man. FML
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"you should go wear a condom, madam. your dick is showing."


no u fail for saying that u are first even though we cam all see the number 1 right next to your name

you fail because you cannot spell can

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I would just like to point out that everyone on this comment thread besides 49 has had some form of a grammatical error. So, you all kind of fail. :) But I have to say, unless you have a disease or have some other medical/legitimate reason to have breasts that large and be a man, YDI. They should not be that bad.

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I'd just file sexual harassment. Old ladies have no business looking at my business.

Maybe you should consider a breast reduction..? Just saying.

It must have been cold...he could have stabbed her with his nipples

In before the flood of "YDI for having nipples"!

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"you should go wear a condom, madam. your dick is showing."

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"An old lady", not "a old lady"" so.. ytdi

I was about to say the same thing. Grammar nazis unite!

Maybe she has a bra-man fetish and wanted OP to be her next victim! I mean volunteer..

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At least she didn't say she wanted to stroke your pussy

Was it chilly at the time? She must have had good eyesight to see your fully erect nips.