By lovedoesnotexist - Belgium
Today, my long-term girlfriend broke up with me because my hair "falls out" and I "will definitely be bald soon", even though it's not that bad. The same girl who I supported through her chemotherapy and gave her promises that I would stay with her no matter how she looked. FML
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  elektra2  |  16

I was with someone who I always supported during all the problems he faced during our two and a half year old romance. When I found out I was suffering from a disease and when I needed him the most, he broke up with me, because he couldn't handle the stress of "being there for someone". Sucks when people act selfish after all that you've done for them.

By  zyero  |  9

Sounds like she does t want you to be attached to her if the cancer goes to the worse frankly, don't really agree with that point of view but I understand it

By  xivoricbutterfly  |  25

It baffles me that people can be that selfish. You are a good man and you definitely will find someone better.