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Today, I was berated by a pharmacist, who said that kids these days are on so many unnecessary medications for "fake diseases". I was just trying to pick up the medication I've been prescribed to control my epilepsy. FML
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In retrospect it probably was the pharmacy tech who made the comment, I'm never sure who's who behind the counter. Regardless, I'll be calling the store in the morning to report them and figure out if I need to do anything else to get their ass fired. Also, just for the record epilepsy is far from a "mild ailment". I consider myself lucky that I've come away from most of my seizures scoff free. But even so, I've broken three ribs, had a concussion, and incurred facial scarring from falling when I seize. Not to mention that my short term memory is shot to hell and with every seizure I have I run the risk of further cognitive decline. But yeah, the medicine is definitely unnecessary. Right.

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your username is the best pun ever.

That is ridiculously unprofessional and degrading to you. I'm normally against all of the "sue him/her"-type comments, but perhaps a formal complaint is warranted here.


whathefuckislife 11

your username is the best pun ever.

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your username is the best rhetorical question ever.

whathefuckislife 11
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Well that guys a huge prick

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Prove her wrong by going into a fit of seizures!

Although it may be to your disbelief, that's not exactly how it works.

Oh, hang on, I'm going to seizure now. Nature doesn't work that way.

Also, I don't think OP would want to endure a seizure just for the sake of proving a point. It's not exactly comfortable, you know.

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3 - if OP could control seizures that way, why would she be picking up medication for it in the first place?

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Make sure you put your fist near his face during your next seizure.

That is ridiculously unprofessional and degrading to you. I'm normally against all of the "sue him/her"-type comments, but perhaps a formal complaint is warranted here.

Pharmacists have a little more perspective than we do when it comes to prescribed medications. He/she could have been referring to the 1 of 2 teens he/she sees at who are prescribed to Adderall, which is an epidemic. I'm thinking OP just misunderstood his pharmacist. There's just no basis for accusing a teen of faking a need for seizure medications... Unless he's getting valium or Ativan. Those can be recreational. Either way, come on with the 'make a formal complaint' shit. What happened to just telling someone off yourself? And 'sue-happy'? Since when can you sue someone for making a snide remark?

The formal complaints are to keep a professional in line - what if one day he had a patient with a mental illness & epilepsy & his ridiculous statement caused the patient to not take the drugs? There are a thousand different scenarios where his personal opinion instead of him acting like a professional could cause people to be very sick or even die. If he doesn't like or understand illnesses he shouldn't be a pharmacist.

#67, that's why I think there might be a misinterpretation on OP's part. The only job a Pharmacist (a title with 8+ yrs of college education behind it) has is to understand medications. It's hard for me to believe he was including OP when he was complaining about teens with phantom illnesses because seizure medications are one of the few that are indisputably necessary. Maybe OP was talking to a tech rather than the actual pharmacist. It's just too ridiculous.

the best thing op can do is talk to the manager. tell the pharmacist straight up "excuse me, i need this to help prevent my epilepsy. may i please talk to your manager? i would like to report a rude worker here."

73: in my experience in life, I've found jerks are jerks. If you have 8+ years of education doesn't make you a nicer person. I have a family member with a severe pain problem & during the quest to try and help her we've met many amazing professionals & a few absolute asshats as well. This FML rings true to me from that experience. I could write a book on the ignorant things those kinds of "professionals" say to young, sick people.

I married a pharmacist. He works relief so he usually has 60 hour work weeks including multiple 12 hour shifts without breaks. They require by law to have a pharmacist in the building at all times so he can't even leave to grab lunch around the corner. People are constantly getting angry with him over something he didn't do or had no control over, but he's free to be bitched, except he isn't free. The phone is ringing, the fax machine is going, and some jerk wants to buy a coke at the empty pharmacy cause he has nothing better to do. People ask questions about OTC stuff that when explained still don't understand and then he gets berated for not knowing an abbreviation on bottom of the bottle referring to the manufacturing of the product. All I can do as his wife is pop him a beer when he gets home and give him dinner usually at 9:45 pm because he never gets home early enough for a normal dinner. Be nice to your pharmacist they have to deal with angry narcotic addicts all day and prick doctors that don't respect them, and a **** load more. So shut up and try to understand how they feel. He is more than a pill counter, and you'r meds require more than just a sticker!

Cry us a goddamn river, 116. None of that excuses being rude to customers/patients, and it certainly doesn't excuse denying someone medication they legitimately need.

That still doesn't excuse someone to be rude to someone who isn't doing anything to them. be rude back to the people that are being jerks not the normal people that aren't berating you. what about the pharmacists to deny people prophylactics or birth control because they don't *believe* they should be buying it. I've dealt with good pharmacists; I absolutely adore the one I have now he's a wonderful person. The girl that was working before him was a nice person but a shitty pharmacist I've dealt with doctors too that prescribe me pain medication for fibromialgia and when I had to bring my daughter to the office with me he told me that she's going to grow up to be a drug addict because I'm on pain medication yeah there's a line of professionalism that shouldn't be crossed for some people and I'm sorry but that pharmacist crossed it.

Also, since when was epilepsy a disease? Some pharmacist -.-

Leena, you are a Grade A moron at best. Go look up "status epitepticus" so you can see that people can DIE of seizures. Yes, die. I wish stupidity were a disease so at least you'd have a ******* excuse.

Leena, Obviously you have never been with someone while they were having a grand mal seizure.

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You're a special kind of stupid, eh #8?

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Bullshit it's a mild ailment. Leena you obviously don't know a single person with epilepsy. And let me tell you a medical condition that has Brain Surgery as a treatment option is not a mild ailment. You try living with seizures for 14 years and have three surgeries THEN tell me it's just a mild ailment.

Ha! How on earth could my comments be taken seriously? That is PRECISELY my point. OP didn't go in with the "man flu" they went in for anti-seizure medication. I work with children, some who have epilepsy, one little girl had such bad seizures she had to have a hemispherectomy. This is serious stuff, and it is outrageous that a pharmacist doesn't know better.

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Only OP is allowed to make epilepsy jokes. Heck, I can't believe I just typed the words "epilepsy jokes".

my friends mom has epilepsy and has around 15 a day its killing her brain cells and she doesn't have much time. I also have it and its defently not mild.

Don't worry Leena: I'm epileptic and I didn't take it seriously. I don't think anyone (except for this pharmacist) can seriously think that epilepsy is not a disease. According to me, you got burried because it's a serious matter and people feel like you shouldn't be joking about it.

Ignorant jokes.... This is not something to be joked about it is a serious illness that kills people and its a different situation when you or someone you love has it

Epilepsy is a disease dumb ass. I know this because I have it so shut up about something you clearly know nothing about.

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uh... since people can die from it? i have a medical id bracelet and medication and a doctor i go to for it

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Since seizures can kill you, medication is needed. I've had it for 27 years, I'm on 4 different medications and take 25 pills a day. I've had 3 brain surgeries and have 2 different devices in me so Epilepsy is no laughing matter

what a dick. he is obviously in the wrong profession.

If you have a literal prescription that shouldn't even be an issue...what a jerk

As opposed to a hypothetical prescription?

How do you have a non-literal prescription for that?

As opposed to a hypothetical prescription? :p

Hahaha, geniusinabottle beat me to it

Leena go learn what epilepsy is and then tell me if its "mild ailment".

Go read my reply earlier. Also look up reductio ad absurdum

Leena, just don't comment anymore. You've already proven your ignorance

definitely uncalled for. they have time to talk about how pharmaceutical companies are ******* everybody over AFTER work.

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Reminds me of the time I went to the nurse at my school and asked her if I could lay down. She then gave me an attitude and claimed I had a case of the mondays after I explained to her that I have IBS and kidney stones..

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Wow that's rude. I was starting to get problems with teachers and nurses in high school when my Chron's first started flaring up. Luckily my mom decided to pull me from school on a "home and hospital" type schooling. Helped my Chron's, not my education much.

I have Crohn's disease too. People always treated me like I was faking my symptoms or simply "milking it" for attention in high school. Moral of the story? People are assholes

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people can be very cruel when the thing you are suffering is not obvious. chrons is nasty stuff you both have my sympathies.