By dadsadipshit - 15/02/2013 23:00 - United States

Today, my dad lost his mind over the meteorite incident in Russia. He's convinced that it's part of some big government conspiracy to cover up a UFO crash-landing, and now he won't stop dismissively calling us "sheep" and telling us "do the research" just because we don't agree with him. FML
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It could be a possibility, but then genetic engineering might be their way of hiding unicorns...


rachilio 26

Ah, parents. Just gotta love their imagination!

rachilio 26

My dad does it too, I love it... Although he's not serious.

braja3249 4

Is your dad Alex Jones by any chance?

braja3249 4

I was actually asking OP, since his dad seems maniacally conspiratorial and loves telling people to do research while doing none himself.

#2 is replying to his own comment. Deja-vu?.....hmmm........ He has been reprogrammed!! Kill him!

ElementaryEdGuy 18

Speaking of imagination, why do I feel there's a Mitt Romney sign still in their yard?

rachilio 26

When I said "lol female" I was not being offensive, I simply meant I was a female, as an earlier comment referred to me as a man

It could be a possibility, but then genetic engineering might be their way of hiding unicorns...

androiddestroya 7

It's all a conspiracy man!!! Or... Maybe that's just what they want us to think!!!!

Oh, you are a GENIUS! What, no.. Not about hiding unicorns.. But what if we used that engineering jibjab to CREATE unicorns instead? Imagine being able to create a new species of horse with a giant pointy horn sticking out of it's head. If I did that, I'D BE RICH! Now, let the crazy train rooollllll out of the station...

dmoran20 27

Only so kids could name them "horny"

God creates dinosaurs. God destroys dinosaurs. God creates man. Man destroys God. Man creates unicorns....wait. what?

Goin off the rails on the crazy train

OP, you have done the research and found that your dad is a nut case.

I thought you wore those to stop major league baseball from reading your thoughts.

Oh come on, I'm not a she- BAAA-AA-AAA-AAA-AAA

17- you're absolutely right. What we need to use are armadillo helmets.

Seriously, are you telling me, that you haven't heard?! Aliens have invaded and killed the entire Russian government, everybody knows..

Damian95 16

"Aliens" -guy off of history channel.

Pfft, I call BS. Everyone knows that all government figures are alien lizards, they wouldn't kill their own kind. That's crazy talk.

LuckBeNimble 19

the Russian population was just a bunch of bears on unicycles anyway...

NickaPLZ 26

He has a name. Giorgio Tsoukalos. And if you need a translation, his name means "I'm Fucking Awesome."

eaglerob 20

I am with the government and I'm here to help, sheep.

Now THAT is one intimidating government hound you've got there. I bet it's sleeping with two eyes open, too. ps. Nice couch. Oh, and cute dog.

Their Area 51 is in the Ukraine. Look it up. Naw.

Haven't you heard? Area 51 is nothing more than a coverup for Area 52, which itself is covering up Area 7, which is actually the codename for District 9. Also, little green men are really gray, and little gray men are actually green. Isn't it obvious?

Actually "Area 51" is just a cover for a base located a few miles away from it. I know people in the Naval Intel community that have been to 51.

Ah 78, you just had to go out and ruin the conspiracy with truth. :(

78 something tells me you weren't supposed to share that with us

I heard we encountered strange radio waves that originated 51 light years away from area 51. 51 - 28 = 23. Coincidence? Do the research.

kathryn14 19

It's just "Ukraine" not "the Ukraine." Though it may sound right, they don't like that, they're proud to be their own country now and not just a region. Not to be a grammar Nazi or anything but it's just like saying the Italy or the China.

"Battle Los Angeles" comes to mind, I got my shotgun loaded... Bring it on Aliens! Seriously though, anythings possible, no way we're the only life in the Galaxy!

It's time/distance. We'll be extinct by the time our first radio transmissions reach intelligent life. Probably...

13 - Maybe...maybe... Heard of a Warp Drive? I'm talking about bending space-time around a vehicle, it is a theory in experimentation.

Who say's we have to contact them, for them to invade? They could have a space fleet inbound right now... that meteor could have been surveillance equipment.

Next, he's going to build a bomb shelter.

He could be right; never trust the government, they're all out to get you. Fucking Illuminati, I don't know what's real any more. :(

You, my friend, are just a figment of your own imagination. This reply was in reply to a reply In your head.

Type illuminati backwards then do .com after it... is a goverment website...

92 - That website is just being forwarded to a Government-owned site. It's a pretty funny joke, though. Wonder how long it'll take for it to be shut down....