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Today, my long-term boyfriend said that if we ever finally get married, his ex-girlfriend will definitely have to be a bridesmaid. FML
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I take it you're not getting married then

Tell him that that's fine, as long as you can find another groom


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and here im thinking exs were exs for a reason.

'Thats fine, as long as my ex-boyfriend can be the groom'.

Maybe, his ex dumped him and he wants her there to rub it in her face that he found someone better than her and now he is getting married while she is single.

Not all exs are bad, it could have been a mutual thing and both agreed to be friends still. Which is fair enough

i dont understand why its soo bad, a lot of exs become good friends afterwards, if he wants her to be a bridesmaid then his ex must not be jelous and they are friends... if he wanted to cheat with her ot still wanted her then he would go about it differntly id think...

Well if he is still on good terms with his ex he should have her as part of his groomsmen, IF OP would be okay with that. Bridesmaids are supposed to be people that the bride is close to, not someone asked out of obligation. Tbh I would be very offended if my partner suggested this and I am pretty easy going. My best friend is male and I know when the time comes he will be part of my "bridesmaids", I won't be forcing my partner to take him on as a groomsman. It is no longer unusual to have people of the opposite sex stand with you.

The bride gets to choose who her bridesmaids are.

I take it you're not getting married then

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While it is weird that he said that, I don't think there is much harm in it. Realistically, her being a bridesmaid would just cause some awkwardness. And OP could always try to convince him otherwise! I think if she were to not marry the guy just because he's good friends with his ex than thats a bit of an overreaction. Of course if he showed any signs of still having feelings for her, then I would understand. But I think he might just be good friends with her still, and doesn't realize that it's a bit weird for him to want her as a bridesmaid! OP and him should definitely have a discussion about it before making any irrational decisions.

#15 while it's fine to be friends with your ex, there is no reason to have them be in your wedding. Especially making the girlfriend have her on her side. Bridesmaids are supposed to be her friends and family, not the grooms ex girlfriend.

#15 if a wedding is suppose to be one of the greatest days of your life, why would you want any awkwardness?

Maybe, my ex girlfriend is my best friend and I'd have her at my wedding. It's important to me that any girl I'm with can accept that were close. We closed that's door years ago. And If my future fiancée can't accept that then we'd have problems

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While sometimes an ex really is just a friend, this is kinda weird..

Huh? How does he even come to that conclusion? Please, OP, give more context.

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he doesn't look like he will marry OP either, so she is better off without him to find someone who deserves her

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#47 why do you think he doesn't her.

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Id probably punch him for even suggesting or thinking that. Absolutely ******* not! What an idiot!

I agree ex's Dont belong in the wedding as a guest yeah sure as long as its just friends on both sides and she doesn't flirt but in the wedding hell no.

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What made him think that was a good idea?

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that's what I was thinking, #10!