By hell no! - 25/07/2019 04:00

Today, my fiancé's ex-wife thought it was perfectly acceptable to give herself a part in our upcoming wedding. She wants to "give" him away to me, the same way a father does to a bride. Apparently, I'm being unreasonable and selfish for denying her request. My fiancé told me to at least think about it. FML
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blondie45 21

Are you sure you want to marry this guy???

Nope right out of the whole three-way relationship.


I would talk to him about it. I hope it gets better.

Nope right out of the whole three-way relationship.

From what I can decipher, they seem to have parted ways on a good term with no grudges. And that’s probably why she even suggested this. May be they want to make the wedding kind of fun that way.

i8cake 12

unless he has kids with the ex, I would be concerned with her active involvement in his and your lives! but even so, that's a weird 💩 ask and would not entertain! think twice before getting married to him!

Even with kids, that's a lot of involvement in his life.

blondie45 21

Are you sure you want to marry this guy???

I can't imagine how short a time unit should be, to give me exactly enough time to think that one over with all the scrutiny it deserves.

You ought to send him back to her and move on. Nothing to see here, folks.

Umm WOW this screams all sorts of red flags ,like he was in a abusive relationship with ex , or there's still something going on between them or they are far to close to each other or even one or both isn't over the other one 🤔

Not to mention that this is something your father probably is looking forward to

Taylor Caldwell 10

The father of the bride doesn’t “give away” the man to the wife

No but he might like to give his daughter away to her new husband instead of having to watch his daughters new husband be given to her by his ex genius.

If my fiance didn't shut that down I wouldn't marry him.