By hell no!
Today, my fiancé's ex-wife thought it was perfectly acceptable to give herself a part in our upcoming wedding. She wants to "give" him away to me, the same way a father does to a bride. Apparently, I'm being unreasonable and selfish for denying her request. My fiancé told me to at least think about it. FML
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By  jk_waks  |  20

From what I can decipher, they seem to have parted ways on a good term with no grudges. And that’s probably why she even suggested this. May be they want to make the wedding kind of fun that way.

By  i8cake  |  12

unless he has kids with the ex, I would be concerned with her active involvement in his and your lives! but even so, that's a weird 💩 ask and would not entertain!

think twice before getting married to him!

By  Charlie Given  |  23

Umm WOW this screams all sorts of red flags ,like he was in a abusive relationship with ex , or there's still something going on between them or they are far to close to each other or even one or both isn't over the other one 🤔

  Taylor Caldwell  |  10

The father of the bride doesn’t “give away” the man to the wife