By Becca34 - 07/03/2015 02:24 - United States - Atlanta

Today, my sister and I went to visit my grandma. She looked at my sister and said, "You are just so skinny! You need to eat more cookies!" She then turned to me and said, "You should lay off the cookies!" FML
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Hey, OP here. My grandmother has NEVER had a filter. My father has told me all sorts of stories from when he was a kid. After I went home, she felt terrible and called my dad to tell him that she was sorry. My sister, who's really my stepsister, has always been skinnier. So is her mom, sister and brother. It's part of their genetics. I've known them since I was little and think of them as my blood family. I've had body issues in the past, and that's probably the main reason it hurt so much. I still love my grandma, no matter what. Thanks for all the nice comments guys!

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Even if they try to hide it, parents and grandparents always have a favorite.

My grandma once told me she thought I was going to be a serial killer.


Even if they try to hide it, parents and grandparents always have a favorite.

This grandma didn't seem to try at all

If I was her I would get some cookies and eat them right in front of my grandma and be like "how about those cookies?!"

Or maybe she is a little chubby. It doesn't necessarily matter though. If it's just a little then she's fine. No FML there.

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Apperently a grandma can have favorites, even if a mother can't

Mothers always have favorites. They just say they don't.

"Right back at you Grandma!"

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Ahhh the trolling grandma, they never fail. I giggled at this. Hehehehe.

Can someone explain why people on FML don't tolerate most comments and downvote each one when they get the chance? I mean your comment is pretty legit.

Every internet community has a hive mind. Go against it and your comment gets buried. Go with it and your comment gets up voted to the best comments. It's best to just ignore the number.

There should be an option to hide all votes until you yourself vote.

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Fuck it, you shouldn't be able to see the votes at all, until you've voted yourself.

or why they have to make rude comments to people for no reason?

Woof? I don't get it. Quack.

I put meow as in put your claws away

It was a little too obscure for most. Put more effort into your comments.

You can always rely on an old person to be brutally honest! Maybe give your cookies to your sister?

Fuck that! Just because OP's grandma made a comment like that, doesn't mean she shouldn't have any cookies. I wouldn't give cookies away to anyone.

That's horrible! Grandmothers are supposed to stuff you with cookies no matter what. It's their job

Grandparenting done wrong.

Tough love can be a hard cookie to chew OP

Doesn't sound like a very sweet woman. Perhaps she has a chip on her shoulder about something

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^Only if it's the hard candy that's kept in the depths of grandma's purse.