Better before than after

By Anonymous - 25/04/2015 07:57 - United States - Helena

Today, my girlfriend confessed that she'd leave me for her ex in a heartbeat. Tomorrow is, or should I say "was", our wedding day. FML
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yes OP, you are lucky in the way that you got to know this before you married her.. imagine what would've happened if she told you after the wedding.

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Sad part is: if you think about it, the ex did OP a favor. Could have been years down the road with a family growing and she just walks out the door with her ex. I'm not saying it's right, just unintentional prevention of future heartache. Still that's just terrible of her and speaks volumes.

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He's saying that he broke up with her or is going to.

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Shouldn't it have been 'I should say' instead of 'should I say' in that case? Seems he's still making up his mind?

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It's a figure of speech, so he said it correctly. Although you're right if you're reading it very literally, I suppose.

You're better off without her OP! Better you found out now rather than later in life where she can take half your stuff

Sorry O.P, glad you ditched the bitch.

You just saved yourself from being a heaping pile of collateral damage. Although it sucks, be glad it happened.

Thats one train wreck avoided. But seriously sorry OP you probably loved her since you were going to get married to her tomorrow. You'll find someone who is better then her and loves you just as much as you love her.

Better now than finding out after the marriage and dealing with divorce proceedings, though Im still really sorry this happened to you :( the woman you are supposed to marry will forget her ex exists and you'll look back on this heartbreak as just another stepping stone to finding her

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I hope you don't mean what I think you mean. By which, I'm saying that the OP work with this woman to help her get over her ex so they can get married, because that's just stupid, and a lost cause. If she was ready to say yes, she should be ready to ******* commit. If she was flakey on something as important as this, I can't imagine how it would be like later. (Actually I can, it ends in divorce)

She means the person OP is supposed to marry. Not the woman he was going to.

I believe #9 meant his soul mate. But seriously, how could someone be your fiancée and then go 'ooh look the douchebag I dumped! I definitely want to be with HIM!' Even worse if her ex ended it, your relationship could've been in revenge

Definitely better to have found out before the two of you ended up getting married, but it would have been better if she told you that earlier so you could have spent your time with someone who only wants you.