By Anonymous - 23/02/2013 06:28 - United States - Calhan

Today, my brother accidentally hit me in the throat. After I stopped coughing, choking, and feeling like I was going to die, he came back into my room, quietly said "I know your weakness," and left. FML
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Being hit in the throat would be anyone's weakness. Hope you're okay op


Being hit in the throat would be anyone's weakness. Hope you're okay op

Damn straight it is, I've heard it's a very nasty way to die... The pain of the crushed trachea coupled with the inability to breathe, not nice... I would not recommend hitting his throat as payback, you wouldn't want to go to far and accidentally kill your brother. And do warn him of his idiocy, I'm sure that he wouldn't like that sort of blood on his hands either.

my brother used to do that to me to wake me up for school in the morning and tell me to stop faking.

If that is true, your brother is seriously deranged.

Can someone tell me why #2 got thumbed down for that comment?

At least your weakness isn't Kryptonite! Poor Superman...

Well kryptonite is a lot harder to get then pinching them in the throat,

Well I think he'd actually prefer to have kryptonite as his weakness because I doubt his brother would be in possession of very much of it ....yay superman

Pinching or punching? Either way they both hurt like cum-cannons, and you're right - everybody has a throat. Not everybody has Kryptonite.

They both hurt like cumcannons? I see you've been "shot" at numerous of times.

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1. Get a bat 2. Twirl it around while glaring your brother down 3. ????????? 4. Have a useful minion for the rest of your lif- *ahem* I mean, "profit"

If he's your twin then you know HIS weakness!

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#7 - I think a strike to the neck would be anyone's weakness...

Not all twins have the same traits and characteristics...

HAHAHAHAHAHA !!! Just pinch his inner thigh, and he will be running like a baby to his mommy. That would teach him a lesson for life. Take it from the middle child ;)

Thanks for the where is my sister?!

Kick his arse OP, teach him the idiocy of his actions before he accidentally causes some serious damage, through his ignorance.