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Today, my husband went in for surgery and handed me an important document. It wasn't a will or anything similar, but a list of items and gold he wanted passed on to guild members on World of Warcraft. FML
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He's given you an important task, don't screw it up. The World, of Warcraft needs you!!


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My father is a heart surgeon, I asked and he said he's never dealt with anything like that lol

Damn_Hippster 11

He was just looking out for his guild members... God

Apparently he did have a life then, go figure.

thriceforme 3

Apparently, he's got a life somewhere. Unfortunately, it's not in reality, lol.

23 i thumbed down your comment becuz ur picture makes me want to punch someone

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i hope you delivered his message. the World of Warcraft is in your hands now. dont screw up. :|

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I'm surprised this guy didn't ask for a soulstone. Someone to save his battle Rez for him... You know what I'm saving my innervate for him.

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Technically it is a will, he gave you in writing what he wants done with his possession and money if he kicks the bucket. Too bad for you it's all in wow.

Obviously he has a life, he's married.

Hey, his cyber life is very important to him

I hated the game but said what the hell and tried it. Now I hate it more.

Bubbles.....Your pic is going to give me nightmares for a week o.o

Hey look on the bright side OP, at least it wasn't Minecraft. >:P

why do you guys assume that he has no life just because he plays world of warcraft. Its just a hobby. playing a game is the same as surfing, reading etc. It's a hobby. I bet you guys don't call others no lifers if they surf or read all day.

Yoyolol_fml 3

Maybe he feels the need to submerge himself in video games because he owns a nagging wife.

But... How do we kill something... With no life?

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Yes, 131, owns. Like the golden days.

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maybe if you would have made better sandwiches there would be something for you, now get back to the kitchen

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107- There is a difference between doing something as a hobby and taking something too far, like this guy.

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Leeeeeeerooooooooy Jenkinnnnnnnns!

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"I'm sorry but, your husband has no life" Says the guy whose profile pic is a narwal with a lightsaber horn?

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that's a will for the virtual world lol

Precisely. How would it not be a will? When my grandmother died she left everything to her husband except a list of which of her art supplies when to which friends. She was a potter and knew better than he would who could appreciate and use what without it going to waste.

it is not the same you are active when you surf or play sports. your not active when ur jacking off playing WOW all day.

And 96, your photo will bring me memories for a lifetime.

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hahahahahahahaha this was so funny when I saw it!

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Well what the hell is the point of having gold on a soon to be unsubscribed toon? At least he has his priorities straight....

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179- StarCraft and World of Warcraft players in the pros can pull upwards of 120 or 70 actions per minute respectively. Most football players stand on the sidelines and are lucky to be played unless they're famously allstars.

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That's how every gaming addicts anon introduction starts

sxe_beast 11

IDK I have friends who play WoW, but they have lives. Casual gaming FTW.

#107 He has no life because instead of writing his will to his wife, instead he wrote about WoW, not because he plays it. If anybody wrote their will to their surfboards, books, I'd call that as no life too.

107 - because any responsible husband would get his affairs in order, like a will and life insurance, not fake will for WOW.

Tell me exactly how you know he hasn't done a will for everyone else already. Oh, that's right! You don't.

olpally 32

Her husband is a loser is more like it.... Jeez... Lol

Oh wow. Now you know how much your Important to him.

97 : So... You've never played a certain video game which you absolutely loved ?

i kinda feel bad for you, but on the other habd you knew about it when you married him

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its her fault for letting him play the damn game...

no it's not because once you start there is no going back.

Unless they have been married longer than WoW has been around... It does happen

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I'm assuming that's why he's your ex...

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Ya my ex played lots of tennis and baseball and I just can't stand those spots. Oh and how she liked to give to charity. I just cant stand mother ******* charity's anymore. Don't forget about her favorite foods. I mean I just hate those types of food with a passion.

I understand where she's coming from. My ex also played that game and it just ruins relationships. I hate the game for the same reason.

That game doesn't ruin relationships. Blaming a game is just stupid. My husband plays and I'm fine with it. We have a healthy relationship. If your ex let that game come first or between you two, you should blame him.

RainbowHeadache 2

My boyfriend plays League of Legends for hours on end. (similar to WOW) Our relationship is flourishing. He even got me into playing too. Don't blame a game for your/his short comings.

yeah games don't ruin relationships. I play wow and league of legends. I also have 2 Jobs and a loving fiancé who I spend tins of time with.

Haha my bf plays that too and he also got me into it.

Me and my boyfriend have been together for a year and a half and we MET on Warcraft. Definetely killed the "only fat 30 year old men play that game" stereotype for us. :P

It's funny because all of your ex guy friends probably liked wow more than you and you be jelly, and start raging.

I played that game, and I hate it with a passion!

He's given you an important task, don't screw it up. The World, of Warcraft needs you!!

No. You must take up your husbands account. LIVE THE GAME.

Merylwen 24

What's wrong with that? I would do the same. Some items are so hard to get it would be a complete waste not to pass them to guild members.

marpay 11

Agreed if I die I want my friends to benefit in game just like my family will with my life insurance and other worldly possessions.

i play the game and i have like the hardest thing to get but i honestly don't care were it goes lololol FYL OP

What do you consider the "hardest thing to get"?

Airick_TheGreat 2

Its because you are a gamer that you are automatically a looser...

That really sucks. Ur husband needs a life