By newmother - 05/12/2010 13:38 - Australia

Today, I went into labor with my first child, and as much as I pleaded, I had to wait for my husband to finish his raid in World of Warcraft before he'd take me to the hospital. FML
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Sylverstone 2

Delete the account. Record video of his reaction. Laugh at his pain.

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I would of disconnected the freakin tv or something


Just don't ask him to name your child, because he might be named after the Lich King.

Arthas is a wicked name. Must be a hardcore guild too.

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He's a good man. Putting the game before you and he's unborn child. I would be honored to have him follow me into the mists of Avalon.

I think you should tell your husband to go and...All right, times up. LEEEEERRRROOOOYY JEEEEENNNKIINNSSS!!!!

To be fair, none of his teammates would believe him if he said "my wife is going into labour, gtg" for obvious reasons (read: assumptions).

planbsponserme 2

Does anyone else find it odd that she's writing an fml the same day after giving birth? should'nt you be taking care of the baby before whinin on fml? your a little irresponsible too. not just the husband

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All fmls start with today. that didn't necessarily happen today

rallets 22

i came to post "LEEEEEEROOOOOY JEEEEEEEENKIIIIINS" did he at least get chicken?

Epic :D If he wouldn't get the chicken i bet we'd have the next "The Greatest Freakout" video series going on :D Wow ftw

The child should be named after the great heroes. Name him Leeroy and change your last name to Jenkins.

The baby could be asleep, or it could have just been posted the first chance she got.

husbands are stupid sometimes. mine is like that sometimes... I had to o to the emergence room for once and I had to wait for him to finish his battle ground in rift... lame assholes

I would have called an ambulance without telling him, and had the baby without him there. See how he feels then.

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All I can say is *puts on sunglasses* Wow YEAHHHHHHH!

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totally. can't miss those raids!

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BaDumTsss_fml 23

Hey!!! Do you even understand the pain a woman goes through during labour??? Now go fix my car!

skittlebabe 0

I would of disconnected the freakin tv or something

Disconnecting the TV would have definitely stopped him from playing WoW on his computer...

he couldve plugged his comp to the tv not a cpu or w/e its called

I'm guessing he meant monitor.. but I'm pretty sure I'm wrong.. I mean who needs a CPU anyway... right?.... :-/

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llamalpaca382 13

The first time, I read that as "My ****** has TV ports." I was afraid for your ******, because that's probably not normal :3

#5 disconnecting the tv would of been pointless seeing as the game is played on a pc xD as a wow player even i have to say that was horrible! if my wife was having a child and i was raiding then screw them! id be off to the hospital

WoW indeed. No more of that! He needs to go to WoW anonymous. :( So sorry OP!

Sylverstone 2

Delete the account. Record video of his reaction. Laugh at his pain.

wwerulez14 6

Took the words right out of my mouth. OP, he's an adult, and should know better to put a video game before his own wife and child. Delete the account and forbid him from creating another one until he learns which is more important, and learns to at least be more responsible about it. If he's going to act like a child, he gets treated like a child.

Delete it? He spent hours, days and weeks on that game. It would be deleting a part of his life, basically. I'm all for locking the account, but DELETING it? That's for antisocial idiots who don't understand people in other situations at all.

Can you even delete a account? You can delete characters, which can be restored. So that wouldn't work. I admit I played WoW for a while, but I think 99.9% of the people I encountered on there wouldn't think less of something for logging offline for something so important, during a raid or not. Either the guy is a major douche, he thought it was a false alarm or that he had tons of time (labor can last forever...and maybe he still is a douche). Or some unexplored possibility... maybe he could even be part of one of those hardcore raiding guilds that gets paid for their time on WoW. My guess is the wife knew he was that into WoW before getting pregnant, and maybe even could tell that it was coming.

OP, if you are reading this, and this FML is true, PLEASE delete his account. And film his reaction. People joking on FML aside, your husband is an irresponsible, immature, childish little ****, and that's from someone who loves gaming. I know if I was you I would have deleted his account/wipes his characters etc. For a complete knob-end who takes the game so seriously, that'd be such a sweet revenge.

Oh man, you should totally delete the account. I mean, it's totally cool to just go around destroying things that people have worked hard for. Oh, you know what, you can tell the judge in divorce court that people here told you to delete it. I'm sure it'll go over well that you destroyed something of his out of spiteful reasons because people on the internet told you to. Seriously people? You can't just go around destroying people's things because they did something bad.

I love playing Aion nonstop when I've got time, but making a person wait in the middle of ******* labor to finish your dungeon? You must be joking.

Wow. That's one hell of a priority system he has there. How long did he keep you waiting though? Because if it got more than five minutes you should've just pulled the power cord. And you definately need to get him to rethink what he did, because I doubt it'll be the last time. If it was only five minutes or so, then I suppose it's not as bad.

Invierno 10

I have to respectfully disagree. It's just as bad no matter how little bit of time it took for him to finish his game. He's an inconsiderate jerk. However, I completely agree with you about the power cord. Although I must say, it's really sad if any woman would have to do that just to get some attention and a ride to the hospital when already in labor.

I did say 'as' bad. Also, I was thinking if he was just finishing and was say logging off properly etc. then it was understandable, seeing as I figured if he carried on playing at all then it'd get over the 'acceptable' time.

You do know that you can just say "Gotta go, wife in labor" whatever and press the power button and the computer shuts itself off properly, right?

you know you dont have to try and solve every FML published just laugh in their demise and dont go all dr. phil on them :D

I don't play WoW, so I don't know how much you need to log off/save or whatever, and so figured that you had to 'quit' properly to not screw up the game, and in all games I've played that takes like a minute, and I figured that would've been an acceptable wait. Either way, from the tone of the FML he spent longer than that, which is just stupid and horrible and the OP needs to sort his behaviour out. (Also, I'll react to FML's however I like.)

Wrong, Cinn. If you're in a WoW raid and your wife tells you she's in labour, you do the following: Type "Wife in labour, gotta go," as the guy above me pointed out. Type /exit. Click "Exit Now." Turn off computer and rush to hospital.

Yeah, ok, I just admitted I was wrong because I don't know anything about raiding in WoW. I didn't know that it was a case of click 'exit' I figured it might be a little more long winded than that, so fine, so just edit the 'appropriate time' bit to less than five minutes (ie 1 or 2) and we'll leave it at that.

Cinn, there is NO game that deserves to be 'shut down properly' when your wife goes into labour. You shift your ass and get her to the hospital *immediately*.

wow your comments make me want to kill myself

Lebowski - Yeah, I agree that he should've just gone 'gtg wife in labour' and turned it off, however my point was that it would be `understandable` if he wanted to shut it down properly so long as it was quick. Like I said, if he really did keep the OP waiting ages to carry on as normal on his raid she should've just turned the computer off for him. Bailey - Who's? You might have to be more specific when there's a string of different commenters above you. :P Also, if you're that sensitive, then maybe you want to toughen up a bit before going on the internet.

vixon 0

Are you serious.... how can a computer game be more important than the birth of your baby...??

ScissorHanded 0

Devil's advocate. Birthing a child is progressive, it does not happen right away especially during the first labor. Occasionally Mommas are sent home several times before they are admitted. Granted this is a stretch given the backstory we are lacking in this storyline, but I can see how the proud papa may not have been as reactive as the first time of they had gone in a couple times previously. Now had this played out between my guy and I- we'd be reading a f my babydaddy's life. Utter annhilation of computer, components, wires, his face. Laboring women are not known for patience. Medical attention would be a priority for both of us. Problem solved.

op DID say he was finishing the raid, not logging off.

I'm not saying that a computer game is more important than the OP and the baby, I was simply saying that IF she was over exaggerating and all he did was quickly save & log off then it was an understandable delay, especially as it would only take a couple of minutes at most. I also said that if that's not what he was doing then she should've just taken matters into her own hands and stopped him a little more forcefully. She also could've dialled emergency services or family or a friend to give her a lift instead.

#9 - If OP's husband really did finish the raid, as she suggests, that's something that might easily have taken another couple of hours. Think of it as finishing a difficult level on any other videogame before you save and quit. If he really did continue to play for another few hours, then obviously that's completely unacceptable. However, I also do not see the problem in taking five minutes to properly say goodbye to your party and log off. And yes, I'm a fertile, adult woman. I also know that babies typically do not just fall out within the first ten minutes after labour has started, as many of these "omg he should have pushed the power button and raced to the car immediately" comments seem to suggest. >.> For instance, when my mum realised she'd gone into labour, she called my dad, who was at work like any other day, waited for him to come home, and then waited for her midwife to send them both off to hospital, at least *two hours later*. And then it took another five hours or so after hospital admission for me to be born. I think that's actually pretty *fast* for a first child, too. So, OP, if your husband really did continue to play WoW for hours, then FYL. If what you really mean is, he had the audacity to take a couple minutes to properly sign off while you stood there panicking, then kinda YDI ;)

how about everyone shuts the hell up. what happened, happened, and no matter what you say and debate, it can't be changed. if you're just going into labour, it will be hours before even the contractions start coming quicker. for me, my mom had time to shower and shave her legs.

That's exactly what I was trying to say, Tancaliel.

seriously, why do people get so worked up about the shit on here, I doubt half of it is true

Obviously none of you have ever been in labour...unless OP is a drama queen, or has no idea how the labour process goes, when a pregnant woman says it's time to go, then it's time to GO!!! WoW raid or not!

I think you're missing the point being made in the above thread, Cookie, either that or you've just randomly decided to post your comment there. Yes, it's time to go when she says, but I'm sure she can wait a moment or two to shut stuff off.

The point I'm trying to make is that it is unacceptable to make a laboring woman wait to "properly log off". Is that not what this thread is about?!

Yes, it is. But the way you phrased it didn't make it clear if you meant that or if you meant if he carried on playing. Hence why I checked. I still don't get why he's not allowed a minute or so to properly log off, and I don't mean finish the raid, I mean saying 'bye', logging off, and switching the computer off. Like whatever he might have been doing would he not be allowed a minute to stop in an acceptable way? Such as being allowed to get dressed if he's in the shower. A minute or whatever isn't going to make that much difference in the long run.

There is no way you can compare putting his clothes on to logging off a game! He NEEDS his clothes on to take his wife to the hospital/birthing center, he doesn't NEED to log off a stupid game. Taking even a few minutes to putter about a computer while his wife is in agonizing pain (and yes labor is unbelievably painful) is a few minutes too much.

Er, yeah, somehow I might have figured out labour is painful. I'm not an idiot. But my apologies, evidently when you're around everything must be left instantly, excepting things that are literally essential. So you'd make him leave anything he was using running rather than allowing him to take a minute (if that) to turn it off? Would you have allowed him to turn off the TV? To turn the oven off? They're more comparable things. My point was that it was ACCEPTABLE to give him time to log off, which apparently takes like three clicks and is done, so he'd be done and have the computer turned off in a minute, and he can leave once it's started shutting down. I know the FML doesn't imply this was the case, I mentioned it as it was possible the OP was exaggerating, so we're arguing about a hypothetical scenario. If the OP was telling the truth, then yes, it is unacceptable, but I try to keep an open mind with how biased/honest the OP is being.

aurynforever 14

Well. This fml was posted the eve of Cataclysm!! How can anyone blame him!

cinn- first off all you are just ugly second,if you don't play wow you dont know how serious it is!!!!!!

abplafcan 0

Bahahaha! Raids are srs bsns!! You can't just ninja log every time someone goes into labor!

That's what'd I'd do. Can't you wait till the LK is dead? Shit we wiped.

Don't stand in the defile! Kill the valks!

ThoraxeTheImpale_fml 0

what the hell is this, Shakespeare?

chankywanky 2

I downed LK twice today. owned

Well OP, you picked him, you married him, you decided to have a child with him. His behavior cannot be a huge surprise to you. YDI for not using a better judgement in picking a mate. That being said, he has shown you now that he will not be there for you and your baby when you need him. He also pretty clearly showed how much he "cares" about you. It is your choice now whether you want to continue your life with that kind of companionship or not. I know what my choice would be.

well said. Could not have stated it any better I can't stand men like that. When my wife was pregnant, I was at a baseball game and hour away(she wanted me to go, she bought the tickets and the baby was not due for 1 more week), she called me and said her water broke, I got up and rushed to the hospital to be there when she finally delivered the baby. The OP's husband is no good for her.

Agreed. People do change, but not usually on principles such as how to react when, say A FREAKIN BABY IS BEING BORN. YDI for either going into this marriage blind, or going into it KNOWING he pulls this kind of shit.

kassie825 0

what's wrong with that though, sure he thought WoW was more important than labour but my bf plays WoW all the time

okamiyazaki 8

Seriously... You can usually spot these people early on, even before getting into a committed relationship. They exhibit disrespectful behavior, have no sense of priorities or responsibilities, and care about no one but themselves and their own desires. There are too many good people out there who will treat you right, so don't waste your time with the garbage.