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  zelhackin  |  0

I am a WoW player and I have to say
I've heard of people taking it to the extremes but this is beyond all boundaries
I play it but I'm not some hyped up freak about it

  Hi_Itz_Me  |  0

I used to play WoW and i thought it was really fun. If it did not cost a lot of money, I would still be playing it. It is great for releasing stress or just having fun on a Sunday night when there's nothing to do. However, no matter how fun it is, you shouldn't let it interfere with life in the real world, especially your own wedding. That is just a little too extreme.

  NYC_Yoshi  |  3

unless he is in one of the top guilds, you should thoroughly consider whether this marriage is what you want.

I was in a top PvE guild in my college days, so I understand how firsts are a HUGE deal.


just to regain any reputation I have on the Internet world in regards to my previous comment, because I am a self-proclaimed egotist. To the man who has set his priorities to World of Warcraft over the loving bind of marriage, get a life.

  Iskaria  |  0

This is why I like to RL, means I make the schedules.

OP needs to start playing and just get a higher guild rank than her fiancé, I'm my fiancés guild master ;)


That was an epic first comment.

Also, what he is basically saying is that a video game is more important than his soon to be wife. It's difficult to accept but you're probably marrying the wrong person.

  hexblot  |  10

actually you don't necessarily have to blame the guy -- if she knew of his obsession beforehand, she should plan around this. I really cannot fathom how people would prioritize that way, but ultimately it's their own life they're wasting; their partners ought to know so, and accept it.

  igotnolegs  |  1

You know what's hilarious? A few days ago there was a similar FML to this except it was minecraft. On this FML it is sad but on the minecraft one, no one saw any problem :P

  Boredumm  |  6

no there are people who are truely addicted to the game is a great switch for reality, you meet different people on the game and get to play with them in the game with ect.


59, but letting it consume your life isn't healthy. There's also people outside of the game. Obviously he's become way too obsessed with it if he wants to postpone his OWN wedding.
64, does it honestly matter?

  WiderWille  |  11

Why? She could sign up for an account too and then they can marrie in the game and be forever in love and do raids together and things. Thats totally romantic.