By Marie - United States - Jacksonville
Today, it was my 2 year anniversary with my boyfriend. As we were about to exchange gifts, he got a call and said he had to go home immediately. What was the emergency? His guild leader couldn't find another healer to finish a raid and promised my boyfriend gear if he would step up. FML
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  eggmarie  |  25

I mean my boyfriend does the same thing. I just don't care because I know it's something he enjoys doing. I would be offended if he did it on our anniversary but if it makes him happy and less stressed out, fine by me.

  Cian_1  |  28

Well, they may just very occasionally play, when they started dating and only recently become obsessed. And if you're in a relationship, it's not worth dumping someone over a game, unless it starts to totally control their life. Usually though, it is absolutely fine to play such games. Leaving his anniversary for a game however, is a step to far. Definitely talk to him about it. Good luck, OP! :)

  nature_girl_08  |  14

#7 i agree, I spent my anniversary playing League of Legends with my boyfriend and it was amazing! unfortunately, this only works if the boyfriend takes into consideration the girlfriend's feelings. obviously, this one didn't, and that's the reason for the FML. not every girl will just go "oh, sure, go play your game!" when he's supposed to be spending time with her. the least he could have done was invite her, if he was going to play anyway

  zanathegirl  |  6

#191, unless, of course, they end up being a lot like a rapist, and you have to stay as far away as state borders allow... ingame dating as a first precaution is always good. you can see what they're like, and then decide if its serious enough to continue, or break up.

  Jaxx66  |  21

Bullshit. That's not appropriate. I may be the main healer and my bf is main tank, but don't think for a second that I give them my phone number. If its my night off, they can suck it up.

Honestly OP, vent crash their asses. His guild should be more considerate, I assume they knew. I tell my guild in advance 'hey, its my anniversary, find a fill in'

  wlddog  |  14

Maybe he did it because OP was making it a terrible date. I know that when i have my womans full attention i wouldnt even answer the phone. But if she is being bitchy, rude, boring, or any number of annoying things i would fake an emergency as well.

By  Benlop_fml  |  15

To be fair...I'd do the same thing....gear doesn't come easily (also, stereotyping wow players/rift players/mmorpg players as girlfriend less Virgins is a tad stereotypical...

  DocBastard  |  38

You'd do the same thing on your anniversary? How very, very sad of you.

Maybe someday you'll learn how to prioritise your life and how to respect people, especially the people you love.

  Jaxx66  |  21

Seriously? Benlop, I may be a hard-core raider myself. But I'm not going to forego a night of epic sex for a new trinket.

Example; one of my raid nights was on an anniversary, I took the night off.. (normally I'm main healer) and they did heroic LootShip, I lost the abacus that I'd been waiting for because I wasn't there. Do I regret it? Fuck no, my relationship will be around longer than WoW, and will be a lot more fruitful.

So yes, that stereotype is MOSTLY true. What chick would want to stick around for that? My bf knows better than to go raiding on a night we have planned together. We come first, game second.

  Zomg_Okay  |  26

The manliest thing in CoD is Price's beard. That's pretty damn manly but it doesn't make it a "real man's game". It's a run-of-the-mill shooter and not much more. Really, the only thing special it has going for it is Nazi Zombies and that's not even in every game.

  TwiztedYuri  |  9

I'm a huge gamer but when my gf wants to hangout or do something games go off to the side... to me is rather have a happy gf then some gear that I can get later. sex is much better than any game in my books

  jelly713  |  19

3- It's not really, the stereotype some of us are considered with, it's the very fact that when you have a girlfriend you have to work on dedicating time to them. Not passing up something important like an anniversary with your girlfriend for free game equipment.

If I was the girlfriend, I'd be so pissed, it's only one day a year & you can't sacrifice a game for that special day. Not only are you not valuing your girlfriend by neglecting her, your not even appreciating the special moment with her.

Some nerdy guys out there deep down would be willing to lose out on games to have a girlfriend. Be grateful, if she's still there. Not to many girls would put up with guys who don't care about the things that are important to them. It gets so old.


Love the WotLK refrence when trying to prove a point.

1. Theres been a few expansions.
2. Lootship was named as such, because it was almost impossible to fuck up. Was basically free gear. (

  Pallywhack  |  4

I've raided with vodka for several years, and in 2009 moved to Blood Legion.

My life has ALWAYS come first. You don't need to live on the game or put the game before more important things in order to be successful in it; that is the mistake/misconception of most of the players.

Want to be successful in life and all you do? Balance. Your. Shit.

  peithecelt  |  28

as a gamer who is also a woman - I respect raids and good gear, but dude, seriously? on your anniversary? you will deserve the dumping that will follow.

  Schizomaniac  |  24

Dear god, 98, get a grip. It's a comments section. People will comment. Seriously, there are few things more annoying than someone replying to a comment to personally attack someone. I don't even like the guy and I found your post to be extremely annoying.

For the future, if you don't like a comment, thumb it down and move the hell on. It'll prevent people from filling the comments section with stupid shit like this to tell people to shut the hell up.