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Today, my husband quit his job as a university professor and picked up the graveyard shift at a rat farm so he could have more time during the day to play World of Warcraft. FML
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nelds 12

That is dedication right there.

1dvs_bstd 41

Follow your dreams!


Sucks for you, OP.

Usually I would say "no sh*t, that's why it's on", or something along these lines. However, it seems that no matter how many times the first comment gets buried due to lack of creativity, the same thing happens over and over again. I give up. You suck.

nelds 12

That is dedication right there.

Too much dedication. I he's not smart enough to be a professor.

Thats not dedication, That's obsession!

24- Is humour a foreign language to you?

No, I got talking to some friends about this one and some how what they said got wrote instead of what I wanted to say. I need to quit soon I'm just failing.

20- you're not too bright either, with that grammar.

Llama_Face89 33

Got wrote? Are you kidding me? Dear god...

If only he had half the dedication for his job...

30- you're and idiot

63 If you are going to call me an idiot please make sure you are error free first.

CadillacPimpen 6

I think that was the joke 63 -____- you really do fail at sarcasm.

Still can't stop laughing!

Fails, fails everywhere.

Sweet Mercy what did I read.

What really bothers me the most is that he's a college professor. Why is it that some of the smartest people are also some of the dumbest?

95, not judging them all but college lecturers aren't necessarily the brightest people!

unknown_user5566 26

95/106- I've found that educators are often book smart, but severely lacking in the common sense department.

That seems odd, because in my college all the lecturers double as researchers, usually in a similar field (but not always.) I always find them pretty good: they're good at teaching, they give a lot of additional information so you have context, and they aren't devoid of common sense. Their approach to life in general seems rational. At least, so far, that is.

unknown_user5566 26

111- Arizona is lacking in the education department, unfortunately. I work in the field of online education, and while many of the teachers are well rounded, some leave something to be desired. I've also had a few college professors who are great with their course material, but not so great when it comes to common sense. I guess it just depends on the person.

kyleekay, it's not just arizona oklahoma is the same way

Dedicated dumbass. -_-

loccsta83 5

What don't hate it's what he likes doing at least he isn't off doing something illegal which I bet half the mofos in here are

1dvs_bstd 41

Follow your dreams!

Unless that is your dream, then don't follow it

iOceanus 18

23) Well it's too late for OP's husband.

FinJage 18

What's with these chickens?

1dvs_bstd 41

Is there a font for sarcasm?

I advocate encasing sarcastic comments in tilde marks (~). Not like it really gets used for anything else. For example: ~OP must be the luckiest woman alive!~

80 Thats actually a great idea, if we can get this to spread it will save much confusion.

~I agree~

127- Does that mean you really don't agree?...

Zoh_Aubrey 8

23 - your profile pic literally made me LOL.

If I did not agree, the ~ marks would not make that a sarcastic comment but that would mean I agree in which case the ~ marks make it sarcastic, so I leave it as an exercise to the reader.

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I don't know of it is always a maturity issue. Sometimes it's an addiction issue. I've watched people who had their lives together turn into an addict and lose everything over these types of games. They were like junkies looking for their next fix. It is sad really.

I agree with 9, it's probably an addiction issue. It took me four years to kick my WoW habit and I have something like a year's worth of real game time under my belt - it's hard to quit.

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feldco1 17

32- but he quit an already good paying job to play a game. I see it as he wanted to play his game more and found a job that fit his schedule. While it's good that at he at least got a job, he's not really thinking of his family in this case.

27 I have an addictive personality. It comes from chasing manic highs of my bipolar. Before I knew I was bp, I became addicted to one of these games. After addressing the bp, I was able to see that I had an issue. I changed my work schedule and barely slept. I also made good friends so I did change to wow with them. Fortunately wow wasn't really my thing so I was able to play and enjoy my friends without the addiction coming back. I've been able to pick up and leave many mmos since. I still enjoy the social aspect. Being sick, I'm not always able to get out and socialize the way I would like so at least with online gaming in any form I can still spend time with friends. I am grateful I realized that I had an addiction before I destroyed my life. Skipping lunch and leaving an hour early was my schedule change and I kept that after I quit playing. I just hate watching how some people change when addicted. They go from doting parents to absent. They break off real life friendships. They harm their spouses emotionally. Just like with other addictions. Maybe it's time for op's husband to seek help.

TwiztedYuri 9

38. a professors job doesn't go away when he gets home. he has to plan the following days work. grade the homework, figure out the next nights homework for the students. its an around the clock job. at the rat farm when he gets home his work is done. and he can sit back and do what he pleases. he's putting his family second after game time.

provided the money is the same, which it probably is not, I see the job issue in the fml as more of a prestige thing for the wife, I mean on no plane of oblivion rat farmers sounds better than university professor, however then there is the reason behind the job change and I think regardless of the job that is the issue that needs to be addressed first.

57- reconsidering what I said before, based off of what you and others have said, I don't think his family is even that big of a factor. If he manages to make the same amount of money (which is entirely possible), then the condition of their well-being doesn't change any, so I would go so far as to say that this decision mostly affects the husband by increasing his quality of life/mental happiness. I think the only reasonable issue here is he didn't discuss it with the wife (which he very well may have, we'll never know).

I'm going to agree entirely with you. Having lost very close friends to this game, you know when the game is the thing changing them. I've heard things like, "How long is your birthday party going to be, I have a raid that night," and, "Yeah, you can come over and hang out, but I have a raid so I won't really be able to entertain you." I used to play a lot, and I did enjoy the game, but when you start moving your work and school schedules around, and blowing off your friends and family, it becomes insane.

When I was an undergrad, they had an intervention for an upperclassman who was failing out and losing his girlfriend over his WoW addiction. Don't let your hobby get out of hand.

Grmpman 7

He wants to play the game let him it could not be the game bit the stress of it he didn't want that stress so he quit and used wow as a shield if I was stressed I'd quit to and spend time with my family and myself yet still provide for my family

Maria_Obligacia 14

Depending on what he is teaching, it might be a POORLY paid job. An English professor or a History professor makes less than a Computer Science major straight out of college.

TcheQ 12

Nothing to do with maturity. Go learn WoW, then come back. Ps i don't play wow, but ignorant statments like yours piss me off. I am a gamer who has a team who makes $20k in December of every year for the last 3 years, a weeks commitment at most. kthxbai, your life sucks

In fairness, it's not the the man's prerogative to "provide", it's the job of both man and woman. But I feel sorry for OP, her husband must have a serious case of addiction...

What's with all these incredibly immature husbands/wives???

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MichellinMan 20

^ Honestly I feel like that's very immature. If my husband left a great job, only to go to a crap job that pays crap money, I'd be fucking pissed. Especially if he did that to play fucking World of Warcraft.

perdix 29

#5, I totally agree with you! The wife needs to grow up and let her husband pursue his muse and realize his full potential as a rat farmer and WoW player. It's a gift to have one true passion in life, so the wife should be grateful that she married a man with two!

While I do agree that he left a job for a worse job ( although from what I've read university professors make about as much as a normal high school teacher) was a bad idea, if he still can pay the bills and live comfortably, I think that it's fine

In a marriage, career changes are usually discussed first. Even when I changed careers to a better paying one, my husband and I discussed it. We wanted to make sure that I'd be happy with my choice and wanted to explore any ways it may effect the marriage. Call me crazy, but that seems like a more rationale way of handling things in a committed relationship.

31 - I think the immaturity factor is that he quit a job to play a game. Even if as a rat farmer he makes 100k a year, it's still a decision based on the fact that he wants to play games more than work.

People here have made good points, an I guess I probably wouldn't know much about this considering I'm 15 XD

42 - Highschool teachers make on average USD$55,000 a year, while college professors make USD$80,000 to USD$120,000 depending on what they teach. Rat farmers I the other hand average USD$40,000. So he's taking a half or a third of what he made before to play video games

Not to mention a nice thing to explain in future interviews when if he kicks the addiction and decides he wants his career back. A lapse due to the economy can be hard enough to overcome on the résumé. One due to a bad decision can be near impossible.

And what will he do when he runs out of money to buy his WoW subscription?

He picked up another job, might not pay as much but he has one at least.

I'm assuming he will use the money from his current job at the rat farm. Just a guess. Or switch over to a f2p.

Or become a WoW hooker

"I could have become I became a shit husband"

TheDrifter 23

Depends what he was teaching. If his degree made him night shift vet or animal welfare supervisor the money might be fine and OP it's just embarrassed by the reason.

Wrong meme wording... It goes like this "They said I could be anything... so I became a shit husband"

Mid-life crisis gone wrong. At least he's not boning a student. Sorry anyway OP.

Boning lol. That word's so classic.

At least he has his priorities straight.

Please tell me this was sarcasm ...

It was sarcasm. You're welcome.

Shoulda kicked his ass

Or stolen his gold.