By Lady Cuntsnatch of Fallopia - 04/01/2015 01:30 - United States - Yuba City

Today, I went into labor and got my husband drive me to the hospital. Instead of staying by my side, he rushed back home for a World of Warcraft raid. His excuse? His friends were counting on him and they'd be pissed if he let them down. FML
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AnOriginalName 19

You can always have another kid. But that WoW raid will never happen again.


sorahearts_fml 10

#priorities much! Omfg am I first. I have so many people to thank, mainly the large line at Taco Bell and the slow workers who caused me to come on here to entertain myself.

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kirbs19 37

They're married his wife should come first!

brasiliano 16

Ideally they should come at same time.

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Sounds like someone went into Labor at the wrong time...

That's something my brother would say, and he's 14.

you gotta do what you gotta do. gotta get that gold and get them mounts son

#37 Yes, bros before h***, not bros before your wife

Step dad probably would've been playing WoW with dad or LoL.

Wow and I don't mean wow as in world.of.warcraft

The fact that so many people could not understand that #37 was joking reminded me how stupid people are.

Countryboy1996 18


iLike2Teabag 27

He'll probably retaliate by ending their marriage though.

Not like he would contribute much to parenting anyway! Hell, it'd be one less baby to deal with!!

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littleteapot 21

I think it's safe to say he won't put forth much effort into parenting if he can't do something easy like stay by his wife's side when she's in labor. What is he gonna do when the baby is sick and screaming at 3am?

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No, the husband is the baby that she won't have to deal with anymore.

@31 That joke went way over your head. Not just a little bit, but like... Waaay ******* over.

AnonymousUser90 21

Put his noise canceling headphones on like any gamer would.

NecroLancerz 9

@thefmlman2011 am i the only who got that?

THANK you, 67! Yes, I was referring to the husband being the big baby she wouldn't have to deal with, if they split.

@122. nah, yeah I got that. its a reference to a funny YouTube video where a guy freaks the heck out because his parents deleted his WoW account.. she shoved a remote in his ass.

ShadowlessSpear 21

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AnOriginalName 19

You can always have another kid. But that WoW raid will never happen again.

You can have more raids than kids in a week.

So i guess if one of your children were to pass away, you'd just have another to replace it? Just having another kid isn't going to make up for what he missed with that child. What if the mother were to die during child birth? He missed the last possible moment with his wife for a game. Ehh...a tad bit PATHETIC.

AnOriginalName 19

133, what if his character dies during the raid because he abandoned his buddies? That takes time and money to replace! Making a kid just takes a bit of *******, which they shouldn't be opposed to!

But what if a meteor falls from the sky and kills her while she's in the hospital!

You mean your "ex" husband, right?

Like, damn. I know it's pretty big asshole move to do what he did, but marriage isn't something you just throw away especially right after a baby. OP needs to explain it slowly so that he can figure out where he done messed up. They need to talk about it. Divorce is not something to just jump to.

I agree with 6 partially. This was a serious offense and could be a sign of his general character. A divorce would not be out of the question.

That's where he goes from decent gamer to **** boy.

He'll make a great father....... "I can't go to your college graduation, I've got to go to this Scrabble tournament!"

Won't happen. Scrabble tournaments are IRL

Old people don't know how to use technology. As he ages he'll regress to the point where he has to socialize to do his gaming.

As unfortunate as that may sound, I agree with 22.

My grandfather is 80. He knows more about computers than the average 25y old

#36 I agree for sure dude, but I have a hunch that OP's husband isn't quite so bright. After all, he doesn't know that the birth of his child and also the support required by his wife is more important than playing a WoW raid to avoid "pissing his friends off" who of course would have gotten over it anyway. With that in mind, I can definitely see OP's husband undergoing this regression.

Congrats, #36, your grandfather is an outlier. My 61-year-old mother still can't figure out how to maximize a tab and she's been using computers as long as I have.

Dude we already know how to use technology, you think when we're old we're just gonna forget all we've done because we get old? Even people with memory loss issues remember their hobbies in their young ages.. Most old people today don't know how to use it because it wasn't available to public 40 years ago

#45 Lucky! My parents cant even text. Over 5 years worth of training so far :/ #65 Chill out. #8 was making a joke and it was funny.. On another note, if my hubby did this. He knows he would have gotten a flogging. Some of my good friends play wow and it has ruined one of their lives so far. He is very anti-social and 0 cares for anyone.

65. but by the time we are old technology will be quite different. So we may struggle to learn how to use the new stuff too

MzZombicidal 36

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WoW is my game, but I agree with #9 here. Time to unsub and well his account... I would be LIVID if I was in this situation. The raid can wait, there is one every week. The SAME one.

You sound mature enough that you would stay by your wife while she gave birth so I doubt you'd be in that situation in the first place.

#9 While I do agree that it was wrong what he did, it would be very immature of OP to just sell his stuff. They should talk it out and do whatever it is they are going to do together.

quarterbird 18

Yeah... Because that's a mature, rational way to solve a relationship issue. He's obviously a douchebag, but discussing (and try to solve) the issue is what an adult would do. Selling his property is only better than trashing it.

quarterbird 18

Don't worsen the situation by adding another douche.

Right because controlling someone's life, stealing their property and hobby they've likely worked years on ISNT the hallmarks of an abusive relationship. Dump him, sure, but don't be a scumbag. #9 and the people agreeing with them clearly are either too immature to have relationships or dangerous abusive partners.

Feminists: "I'll show him the error of his ways by ******* with his shit behind his back and I'll probably never have to face repercussions because I'll spin the most heartbreaking sob story ever!

MzZombicidal 36

It"s a joke #9. Don't assume such things over me because we have different senses of humor. Also, hobby or not, you don't put it over FAMILY.

Sterling_1s 8

A man got to do what a man got to do, and that is stay with his wife and hold his shit together while she's going through labor!! Not f***ing living her ass when she desperately needs him. Sorry for swearing mate.

I really doubt you care about swearing; this is a text post. It's very, very hard to swear 'accidentally'.