By Anonymous - United States - San Antonio
Today, my husband told his parents that he was quitting his job so that he could focus on school. They asked him what he was going to do for money. When I told them that I'd be the one working, they took one look at me and burst into laughter. FML
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  Izabushel  |  65

#7 Yep, my father-in-law had a go at me once because I didn't have a 'job'. At that time I was working full time as a Registered Nurse/Midwife, lecturing in Nursing at a university and finishing my honours masters degree. I had one day off a fortnight. I also made more money than my husband. His definition of a job was digging in a field or working as a shop assistant. Some people are brainless.

  RedPillSucks  |  31

"Pretty much all" makes it sound like most do, and I don't think that's right either. People complain loudly when they're in a bad way, but few talk about how great their relationship is, cause few like to brag