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Today, I overheard my dad telling his work buddy that he's disappointed in his kid. I assumed he meant my brother, for flunking out of school. He meant me, for quitting sports to focus on my studies. FML
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yamatelle 19

He'll regret saying that when you succeed ten years later.


sniperkit 10

Same thing happened to me lol. Good luck and congrats for choosing studies before play!

My dad got mad at me for playing football. He said it would distract my studies smh. OP should figure out how to balance both sports are real fun and well your studies is your life.

… balance both, sports and studies. Sports are real fun… Edit: so you cn actually understand what I said

irun4life 0

It really isn't that hard to balance sports and studies, in my household it is expected. Either get into sports, get a job, or get out. Simple as that, kids have it way to damn easy these days and it's getting the Into trouble.

yamatelle 19

He'll regret saying that when you succeed ten years later.

Hell yeah. OP, when you're a millionaire, don't let him have a penny :)

A retard in a healthy body, thats what all parents want!

irun4life 0

Most kids who do sports happen to be also relatively smart, they have to be if they want to play. Just FYI

Seriously? Everyone I tutor is in sports, most of them are dumber then a door nail.

You tutor them because they're stupid and they just happen to be in sports. Everyone I know including myself loves sports, but happen to get the best grades compared to those who do nothing and suck

kaoss54 3

Ur right if he had potential lol

JEnglish89 1

Yes, just tell my parents that. Better chance of scholarship for me.

Torva_fml 16

Who?!? Me? OP? OPs dad? Keep up the sports mate. Looks like studying is not your thing.

sniperkit 10

1- So you prefer being stupid, flunking out of school, and working at McDonalds for the rest of your life but looking good over getting a good job, attracting all the ladies (we like smart, successful guys) and being able to afford your own house? Think about it that way.