By Slash - 16/06/2009 16:43 - United States

Today, I sprained my wrist playing Guitar Hero. The ER doctor called all of his coworkers in to hear my story. They all laughed. FML
I agree, your life sucks 423
You deserved it 100

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Zer0de 0

Haha wow. You rocked too hard

yme 0

sprained it on easy, that's y they laughed


MasterModeraor 0

YDI for playing guitar hero and not rock band

You sprained your wrist playing guitar hero? You might not be a guitar hero but you're my hero. I love you, thanks for trying hard love.

chuk_norris_fml 0

Just dont play in a real band, and maybe guitar hero isnt your thing.

thank you for clearing that up oh and can you moderate the first post as it is useless

nateb1tch 1

you go to the ER..for a sprained wrist? grow up

1 - you disappoint me. 177 - I don't think you can just fix a sprained wrist on your own just like that...? I think the hospital is necessary. OP - how the hell did you sprain your wrist? It's a fun game, but did you have to play so rough?? o.o

....really? That's just sad.... maybe you should do a few push ups before you do anything else so straining

jem1991 0

i really do not see what everyone sees in that game, like its not even that serious..

heavenandhell 0

games arnt ment to be serious hence the game part of the name

that's the point in games. they're to have fun. pretty dumb comment

Games are for people to have fun or to relax. They are not ment to be serious but ment to relieve some stress of your brain Dumbed down for your sake: GAMES ARE FUN. THE END

randOmlyahmazing 0

lmao i agree ! So what number 66 ; then why did he hurt himself playing a GAME?

jem1991 0

um idiots, when i say "its not even that serious" i mean that people like the game so much and the game is not even that great. idiot much?

Bob4545 0

Internet comprehension is hard. You can never know what someone really means. idiot much?

yeah me too >.> creepy thing..

as long as u were playing on extreme i can see how u got tht intense

I think you mean expert. There's no such thing as extreme mode.

PhishloverA 14

#7, he was playing Through the Fire and Flames on expert

yme 0

sprained it on easy, that's y they laughed

FDXCpinballwiz 0

lmao #8, that would just be sad

Was it with the guitar or drums... because it depends. I know my question isn't going to get answered but what do you guys think?

There are no drums in Guitar Hero. You're thinking Rock Band.

iknowyou 0

there are drums on the NEW guitar hero, i have it, but I think he broke it on the guitar

you're not up-to-date with your rythm game, are you?;) nvm FYL, since some of the songs can do that to you

#9, it's guitar hero, dumbass. not rock band. and op, ydi for being a guido bro from jersey.

guitar hero world tour and metallica have drums. its not just rock band anymore

You sir are....FAIL. Know what the hell your talking about b4 you speak.

ohhhhshizzz 0

Maybe they didn't, hmm what's the word, KNOW? Maybe they thought "Oh shit, what the hell is wrong with my wrist" They tell their 'rents and they are in the ER. How do you know, you don't even know where they live. Yeah Jersey, but not fully. Kay?

kelllieeee_ 0

not everyone from jersey is a guido x_x

PhishloverA 14

You're the dumbass #10, Guitar Hero World Tour has drums. Lol and smh @ you... FAIL

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First comment! Well You cant jack off anymore