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Today, I wore a tank top for the first time in a few years. It turned out even worse than the last time. I got insulted by several people over my "Never say never" upper chest tattoo, which I got years ago, before the words ever became associated with a certain douchy Canadian pop "singer". FML
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Well, you can't blame them. Nobody likes a belieber. Can you get the tattoo removed or something?

As far as most Canadians are concerned, he isn't considered one of us anymore. Just a clarification. No one likes that little fucknugget.


Well, you can't blame them. Nobody likes a belieber. Can you get the tattoo removed or something?

yeah unfortunately when certain people come around, they ruin many things with their presence :(

As far as most Canadians are concerned, he isn't considered one of us anymore. Just a clarification. No one likes that little fucknugget.

Why should the OP remove a tattoo of something they believe in just because people made stupid assumptions about him based on who is associated with that sentence? Even if the person associated with the sentence used it in a dumb way,it doesn't mean the OP agrees with the context it was used for. Seriously,I know people hate Justin Bieber but it doesn't give anyone any right to assume things about someone and insult them for it.

cryssycakesx3 22

hating Justin bieber is more annoying than actual Justin bieber.

slutfactory 17

I wouldn't consider going as far as to remove the tattoo. Instead, get a little creative. Maybe add a quote under it that says "Unless you're asked to join the Beliebers."

haha #42 hating beiber is always easier than the actual beiber and less douchy....

Can you cover it up? Tattoo removal is expensive and painful.

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Glad you felt the need to indicate your sexual preference. After that belieber comment it was a necessity.

Nobody likes a belieber? Don't you think it's a little unfair to judge others base on who they love and are inspired by? I myself am a belieber and I find it very offensive when people like to go and find every single little thing wrong with a talented human being and use it against him. It doesn't matter hat kind of mistakes he made. No matter what it doesn't really make t okay for you all to judge those who appreciate him as an artist and a person.

I think no one likes him because he's not talented and fairly annoying. but, that's just my opinion

**** you **** you opinion and duck your life go kill yourself please. Justin is a nice guy leave him alone.

its not fair at all, and very hypocritical, for you to hate on those who are hating on your beloved justin. telling someone "go kill yourself" is never okay. so ******* stop.

hes a straight up cocky fool, oh yea hes also racist and thinks he owns the worls

Notice how all the actually beliebers are making the stupid comments?

I honestly don't understand why OP should have to get it removed just because people assume that it's a Justin Bieber tattoo.

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In five years nobody will remember the song , and it will be fine. Just wait it out.

I second what 110 said. His career will be over soon enough and everyone will forget about him.

To be honest, it’s not even his terrible songs that annoy me, to each their own. No, it’s the fact that he behaves like a complete selfish douchebag, ie : driving recklessly under influence, peeing in a bucket someone else will have to clean and being let off the hook by his fans because he says “sorry” although he doesn’t mean any of it.

slutfactory 17

Seriously what the **** are beliebers doing on FML.

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I find his fans more annoying than him. Some of them seem to think he's some kind of God who can do no wrong. It irritates me how he can get away with things 'normal' people wouldn't. He's talented...personally not at singing in my opinion but drumming. But there is no doubt he needs to sort himself out because he's acting like a spoiled stuck up prat the majority of the time. As for the fans some of them need to admit he has done wrong and not blame things on something or someone else for his behaviour.

Why is everyone telling him to remove it?? I know its a Justin Bieber thing but he shouldn't get bullied because of it lol he should get a tattoo of a little hyphen and the date he got it in so people would realize that it was before the kid even started singing

In about two years or so, no one will remember who he is or even give a shit, I hope he finds the nearest bridge and jumps off of it

Yeah, totally. Hannible lector is my role model. I idolize him, no one should judge him or me for his mistakes. Hes so talented. He has the world record in human-eating competitions.

Yes. a very big one. You are idolizing someone wgo has been corrupted with fame and gas broken the law numerous times, and just paid to get out of his problems.

I'm just going to put my two cents in on the Justin Bieber thing. His fan base, in my opinion, can be much more annoying than him at times. Nobody should not even try to justify his actions with his age or attractiveness anymore. It's overused and irrelevant. He's let the fame and money go to his head, and is no longer (again, in my opinion) a respectable artist. And furthermore, nobody likes a cocky, ignorant, arrogant asshole, regardless of their social standing. So no, beliebers, nobody's "hating" because they're "jealous."

Since he feels like no laws apply to him, let's throw him off a cliff and see if the law of gravity applies to him.

Q: What is the difference between Charlie Sheen and Justin Bieber? A: One has redeeming qualities, the other is Canadian.

#110 It's already been 5 years since that song came out.

#129 I know many people that are much better at drumming, and so I personally think he just needs to give up on a musical career in general.

I see he is charitable, so kudos to him for that, but outside of that he's an embarrassment to Canada. But he's a pop star - what do you expect. They're all a bunch mind-numbing wastes.

Of course you can ******* blame them! They had no right to assume that the tattoo was based on Justin Bieber. The saying existed long before Bieber butchered it, he just made it more well-known.

either way it's still an awful tattoo. I hate bullshit tattoos like "live laugh love" or "infinity". they're utterly meaningless ugly trendy positivity bullshit

PresidentNorth 16

67 Youre one of the people that get your current lover at the time name tattooed on yourself then regrets it later aren't you?

slutfactory 17

To be honest, I partially agree with you. It's a total hipster trend right now for thousands of people to get the same quotes tattooed. Yes, about half the people who get these tattoos only get them because they're cute. But the other half usually have a very meaningful reason behind the tattoo. It's very possible that OP is the latter.

alice_18 16

123, is it really that wrong for someone to get a tattoo because they think it's cute?

143- I don't think it is, but you should get a tattoo that you can proudly show off and smile about as you go into its meaning. The infinity tattoos (and some others) usually have no important back stories other than "it was trending."

Actually some people do it because it means something to them. It's not just trendy it's meaning just because it doesn't mean anything to you doesn't mean it doesn't to someone else!

alice_18 16

146, I do understand that it's not too good to get a tattoo just because it's trending, i.e. everyone else is doing it. But if the person genuinely thinks the design is cute or suits them, then I don't really think there has to be a deep meaning behind it.

I understand that, and it's perfectly fine. I just wouldn't get the most popular tattoo out there. I'd want to look into different ones, considering so many other people have the same tattoo. But if it means something to you, go for it. Live your life.

Well, I'll tell you what he didn't do... He didn't say 'never'.

No I'm willing to bet about 3% of those tattoos actually mean something to them. the rest probably have some bullshit excuse like "yeah I broke up with some guy I loved for like 6 months and yeah decided to become a new person and yeah this represents that yeah" and to #71, funnily enough yeah I probably would get my boyfriends name tattooed on me XD. at least it would mean something. I could get love to represent our love. or infinity to represent how we're gonna be "together forever". but in the end that's a poor excuse to get trendy words and it would be far more special and REAL to just get his name.

alice_18 16

189, so wanting to become a new person after a break up isn't as good of a meaning as the fact that someone is currently in your life? Getting a partner's name as a tattoo isn't typically a good idea because you never know of you are going to stay together.

Ihavegas 22

Or you could throw some concealer over it when you go out in public

cryssycakesx3 22

what concealor do you use that covers tattoos?

schhichick 14

Actually there is such thing as a concealer specific for tattoos fyi.

schhichick 14

Also, I was scrolling through the skin products part of Allure for a new BB cream and a whole page of how to cover up body ink with plain concealer came up.

XD this has made my day this comment right here!

43, have you never heard of DermaBlend? Seriously, Google is your friend.

#43, ever heard of Zombie Boy? He's covered head to toe with tattoos and a make up company managed to cover them up. Look it up.

Also, Kat Von D makeup. That stuff covers up anything I hear.

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never say never is a pretty encouraging thing to say.

Watch out #47 is the authority on which tattoos are stupid! If it isn't worn by a celebrity or it's unique it's stupid! If it isn't a koi, barbed wire, or a tribal tat it's stupid! That's sarcasm btw.

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"Never say never" had plenty of meaning to many great figures throughout history. But stay hung up on a 14 year old boys use of it. Tattoos aren't meant to be shown off to "look cool" at least not to me. They're personal statements and beliefs. Sure it might be cliche to get your kids names tattooed on your body but it doesn't make it any less meaningful. My previous point still stands though, I'm glad you're out there calling out all the "uncool" tats for us bro! Lol. You ain't got the foggiest.

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If you don't have a real reason for permanently scarring your body other then "I wanna look cool!" Then in my opinion you are a moron. Because ten twenty thirty years down the road when you look in the mirror can you still say that your ink means something to you? If you can't then why get it? That's just my philosophy on it. One thing I won't ever do though is ridicule someone for getting a tattoo that they believe in. I may think it's dumb but if it means something to the person who has it, well it isn't anyone's place but theirs to judge that. Excuse me I gotta pack up the soap box.

I am so glad I have someone like #47 to look up to whenever in doubt about my next tattoo. I've never trusted myself to make such personal decisions about - you know - MYSELF before, but I have found the solution!!! Hurray!

Try getting the tattoo removed or fixed into something else.

Fixed is one thing, but removed? Tattoo removal is apparently pretty excruciating. Although if it bothers them that much they could get a tattoo artist to cover it up with something else.

Thank you #36 for repeating #6's comment. Reading it once wasn't satisfying enough; a second comment really did the job. Phew.

Just say it's for The Fray. Problem solved.

My first thought was the band Never Shout Never, quickly followed by The Fray song when I realised it was 'Say'. I honestly would never have gotten the Bieber don't worry OP, not everyone's like that. Actually, if people ARE disrespectful then maybe you could say back 'well how do you even know Bieber sang that if you hate him so much/unless you're a fan?' because if they REALLY disliked him, they wouldn't know his music.

And because you knows there's SOMEONE who'll say you can't not know this stuff unless you've been living under a rock...I know he's in the news lots but if you only read headlines and see the odd pic on facebook, you really don't learn that much. My Bieber knowledge is pretty much that he had a song about 'baby baby ooh' and got a arrested a couple of times. I also have the feeling he walked into a door? But that may have been someone else. I think you have to read the full articles or actually talk to people about it to know much more than that...

cryssycakesx3 22

you don't have to be a fan of someone to know their music. there are plenty of songs/bands that I hate but I know them because they're on the radio.

Well I suppose I can't speak for everyone but generally if a song comes on the radio or music channel and I hate it I don't force myself to listen to it anyway...I change the channel, turn it off, plug my ipod in, leave the room and go make a coffee or something...

what if the radio plays in the background at work?

i would say it was from the owl's song in "An American Tail"

vividpictures 17

That's where the "but generally" comes in, Mr. Smarty Pants.

The original poster is referring to Justin Bieber. He released not only a song, but a cinematic as well titled "Never Say Never". People were criticizing because they disrespect Justin Bieber's actions and attitude.

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Except no one expressed confusion...

clearly #9 did by assuming that everybody, at all times, reading this, will understand

Unless you were confused on who OP was talking about shutup.

gemstone586 12

everyone except my dad who lives in a fog of prophets and laws knows who OP was taking about...

thank you (&your father) very much #37. to everybody else, I rest my case

I'm sure I'll get thumbed down for this 37, I didn't know who it was. I got that it was Bieber from the 'belieber' reference in 1's comments but I still found 7's comment helpful (although I admit it's an odd comment when no-one had actually asked at that point). And no, I don't live under a rock. See my comments below on 8's comment.


Detectivedipsiht? How a out "shit" and now it seems like a very fitting name.

I was proven right and yet people still have a problem.. I don't understand

You can get some pretty amazing cover ups these days, if you're uncomfortable with it, have it covered. Good luck, op. (Personally I'd tell people to suck it since it's my body, if I liked it.)