By toiletgirl - 14/12/2009 23:26 - United States

Today, I was on AIM talking to a really cute guy, whom I've had a crush on for forever, when he asked me to video chat. I got so excited and immediately pressed accept, without thinking. Not until he started screaming and cursing did I realize that I was still using my laptop on the toilet. FML
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Well, he seemed to have completely overreacted to that. I mean, a little surprise is understandable, but screaming and cursing was a little over-the-top. LOL, though. I moderated this one.


I get that it is gross, and it was likely very embarrassing for you and awkward for him, but why would he be screaming and cursing??? That seems like an insane reaction

^^ Because it's disgusting and gross. @ OP People who take things into the toilet sicken me. You aren't going to be that long you idiot. What, have you got an attention span of 1 minute?


Yeah complete over reaction and dude, taking stuff into the toilet is AMAZING. If I were him I would have just been like, "oooohkay. WHATSUP!?" But I can't stand girls on the phone. Like I can hear you pissing you sick ****. So as long as OP wasn't pushing out logs (girls can't poop! D:) or tinkling I see no problem.

Well, it's not really an overreaction. On video chat, you can hear each other talking, and the noise. It's not like JUST viewing each other's webcam, where there's no sound. And most likely if the OP decided to continue chatting on the laptop while using the bathroom, she was pooping. So just imagine hearing her do that and seeing her on the toilet. Not a very pretty experience. I would be so pissed if someone did that to me.

lmfao. That is some funny busniess. How the heck did you forget you were going to the bathroom though?

I don't understand if the camera was pointing to your face then he couldn't see anything

Bullshit that laptop would be on her lap. So he would at best see her pushing out a huge turd.

If the webcam was facing your face and body, how could he tell you were on the toilet?? Sounds fake or atleast over exaggerated

Coccinelle_fml 15

I agree. How could he have noticed that OP was on the toilet? Unless the computer was facing "things"... in that case... sucks big time. However the guy doesn't sound very manly.

Maybe he could see the cistern, flush button etc behind her?

Or perhaps the upper part of her nether regions.

Is leaving your laptop for the minute (or five) you need the bathroom such a momumental task?

"Ughhhhhhhhh!" PLOP!!! Plop! Plop! "That's the sound of me pooing, by the way." Plop!

who goes on the computer and uses the bathroom at the same time anyway?!?! FAKE!!!

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A surprisingly high amount of people, actually.

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Just because it's stupid doesn't mean people don't do it. The Darwin Awards exist for a reason dude.

thats y i never go on AIM when im on the toilet

Yeah, like that guy who screamed at the cricket.

My husband did that when we first started dating. I didn't even realize until months after we got married. I commented on it one day, saying it's weird I never noticed how long he spent in the washroom when we had just an online relationship, and he said it's because he took his laptop in with him.

Actually you'd be surprised my friend. Sometimes i have these episodes of chronic diaharrea and can sometimes last for days on end. When it gets to that point I usually set my laptop up on the toilet. Better then sitting there doing nothing and it keeps my mind of the burning sensation.

Maybe you should see a doctor? It's still gross. The germs on the laptop that you carry out with you.

I think you might be carrying a virus dude. :)

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Dude King17 Google IBS (Irritable Bowl Syndrome)

Shit, I'm doing it right now. So many people do it. I call it "Squat 'n Surf".

86 - You're bathroom is hardly any more germ infested than anywhere else you've laid hands on earlier that day.

Hahahahaha classic. Kinda just made my day. Thanks

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I think thats kind of attractive. You can video chat me aII day when youre in the toiIet

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Well, he seemed to have completely overreacted to that. I mean, a little surprise is understandable, but screaming and cursing was a little over-the-top. LOL, though. I moderated this one.

Is it mean that I started laughing hysterically after reading this?