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Today, my husband thought it would be "funny" to put laxatives in the cakes for my son's 7th birthday party. Over 40 kids came to the party. FML
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mama2b3 20

First of all your husband sounds really immature. Second, over 40 kids!!? Holy crap!


damn, hope there was enought bathroom to go around.

JocelynKaulitz 28

I bet you had a lot of extra cake once some began to realize...

Shelbyyyyyyy 4

I actually think its funny!!! (:

Jakesterk96 8

Over 40? Jesus, your son has a lot of friends.

I didn't think this was funny, I thought this was disgusting and the husband deserves a high five, in the face, with a chair.

They need a third voting option. Can we get "Winning" added to "I agree, your life sucks" and "You totally deserved it"? Otherwise I can't vote on FML's like this.

That's messed up! Those kids probly hate ur son..

tjv3 10

That's illegal. Your husband should go to jail

ImFrackinBored 13

He was right. It was hilarious.

lmao OP, I would renew your vows right away

kaylamahoney90 12

Absolutely horrible! Hope you had plenty of toilet paper.

F the kids lives, they're the ones about to shit endlessly..

I would severely diss at the entire family if my kid had attended the party and had suffered from the dad's stupidity.

Tswift0806 3

This isn't a That 70's Show episode.

mama2b3 20

First of all your husband sounds really immature. Second, over 40 kids!!? Holy crap!

I don't think they see the crap as something holy

audiophileMom 11

Thought the same thing. It's actually dangerous since it is medication and 40 is too many for a 7yr old. But maybe the party was at his school and they had not much of a choice?

Didn't you guys ever have a whole class party? But this is very messed up, I think there is something wrong with your hubby.

RedPillSucks 31

Yes. That's pretty common to invite all the kids in a class/block/whatevergroup so no one feels alienated. I guess the dad doesn't want any more kid parties at his house. He's lucky someone doesn't bring charges against him for tampering with kids foods (WAD: Weapons of Ass Destruction).

I wish I had that many friends growing up

@114-Isn't there a porno with that name?

youjustmademelol 4

Sounds like a crappy party ;)

I thought it was a bloody crackup!!!!lol

People are way overreacting on this I've seen divorce him or sue him multiple times on this. Those people need to get a grip on reality, if it was in a movie people would laugh their ass off. I'm sure the husband only put enough to make them need to shit really bad, he's probably not gonna jeopardize his own sons life.

It wouldn't make me laugh in a movie. You just DON'T put drugs in people's food, especially children. What if one had had allergies or something? I hope for OP's sake that the parents of the kids don't sue them.

It's not a matter of "would he," because he already did. I don't think this calls for a divorce, but lawsuits are likely a different story. Specifically, this is a somewhat common prank, and is usually treated as a deliberate attempt to poison someone, and is a felony in most jurisdictions. This guy could see up to 10 years in prison, and have to pay up to $15k in fines - and that's not including endangerment of a child. And it's actually pretty dangerous: by ingesting an unknown amount of laxative, you can become severely dehydrated. Most cases of this end up with the victim hooked up to an IV in the hospital, and sometimes they die anyway. That's barring any allergic reactions, and those were adults, not 60 pound kids. Civilly, he would be liable for at least any medical expenses incurred. He would probably be sued by the parents' insurance, who is likely to win. Just paying for the lawyer for his criminal trial, and up to 40 civil trials is probably enough to ruin him and OP. tl;dr shit sucks harder than you realize

desireev 17

This does suck for OP. She has to try to make up a reason that all of the kids got diarrhea from a birthday cake and then do whatever she can to make up for it. And hope that all the children don't go to the hospital for severe dehydration. All while hoping that her husband doesn't get caught because if his complete stupidity! On the other hand, the commenter above is correct. If this was in a movie, everyone would find this to be hilarious! Has anyone seen 'The Hangover'? They were all drugged and it was what made the movie. I know that Roufies are way different than laxatives, but it's true. If it were in a movie, it would be funny. I'm just saying that people should realize what the limits are. And that an immature prank could get someone in deep trouble. Diarrhea causes dehydration. And dehydration can cause brain damage, closing of the veins and arteries, and can even be fatal.

this is probably the hardest I've ever laughed at an FML

Because its a sleepover and the house only has one bathroom

TexasMud 8

Because have you ever been to a laxative party? It's the shit..

Just make him clean the bathroom after the party.

40 kids! I applaud you! How the hell did you keep track of all of them?

I'm pretty sure keeping track of them is the least of her worries...

I'm pretty sure keeping track of all of them was pretty easy after the cake-eating part of the B-Day. You know, like snails, you just follow the trail... Too gross?

Ideally you would give them the cake at the end of the party. And had the party a lil further away, so the fun on the way home for the parents begin just before the make it!

With lots of toilet paper I'm guessing.

Lovechild09 5

omg, your son is popular! lol and thats sucks about 40 kids ******** themselves.