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  7yzz  |  18

And thats why you never trust PedoBear to perform at your child's birthday party instead of the clown. Even if he gives you a super-duper-bear-promise!

  HKCgrimmjow  |  15

Yes I'm thinking more of the psychological value this holds... Once the kid realizes... Yeah if your boyfriend can't figure that out then you might wanna find a new one mate

  TheZee  |  12

"Strawberry! My favori- aah... Son, give me that! Now, I will give that to your daddy so he can 'throw it away' once we get home."

By  Darksoul09  |  16

Some kids on my bus when ai was in school made a bunch of them. Some went out the window into the street, others were flown up to the front. The funny part is that they were taken out of this guy's bag, and they were Smalls. (He talks about "getting laid every other day"

just wanted to share. sorry about the novel.