By Anonymous - 25/01/2013 05:39 - Canada - Ottawa

Today, at my 6-year-old son's birthday party, I had to explain to my boyfriend that it's not okay to use condoms as party balloons. FML
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saIty 17

I will now perform a magic trick. I will need a volunteer and a condom.

"But mummy, this one is strawberry flavoured"


saIty 17

I will now perform a magic trick. I will need a volunteer and a condom.

Her boyfriend is probably Chris Griffin. Found that condom in a toilet.

sunnyt 5

At least you aren't allergic to latex.

Tell him to save the condoms because you clearly should not breed with this man.

7yzz 18

And thats why you never trust PedoBear to perform at your child's birthday party instead of the clown. Even if he gives you a super-duper-bear-promise!

oj101 33

Kids are innocent. They won't know the difference. Not sure the parents would be too happy though...

"Mom! Mom! MOM! This balloon is so slippery, can I keep it? :D"

Yes I'm thinking more of the psychological value this holds... Once the kid realizes... Yeah if your boyfriend can't figure that out then you might wanna find a new one mate

Definitely not. It's time for a new boyfriend.

7yzz 18

@60 -_- grow up. you've probably never had a boyfriend.

Probably better to stick to using balloons next time, they won't be as slippery.

nnnope 26

But imagine the hilarity of watching the children chase around the slippery 'balloon animals!'

"But mummy, this one is strawberry flavoured"

"Strawberry! My favori- aah... Son, give me that! Now, I will give that to your daddy so he can 'throw it away' once we get home."

Im sure they make great balloon animals

Some kids on my bus when ai was in school made a bunch of them. Some went out the window into the street, others were flown up to the front. The funny part is that they were taken out of this guy's bag, and they were Smalls. (He talks about "getting laid every other day" just wanted to share. sorry about the novel.

Freedom92 12

No apology necessary, gave me a laugh:)

But they can be inflated so much more than a ballon. And stronger too. Just don't use the ribbed ones.

watsinausername 13

Was he using his mouth to inflate 'em?

I'm pretty sure he stuck them on his bunghole and farted to blow them up..

shan88 14

What else would he use? His nostril?

StephenStills 6

What kind of retarded question is this?

Better than putting them in the goodie bags.