By Anonymous - 26/01/2012 03:54 - United States

Today, my friend showed me a creepy piece of artwork he'd drawn. I laughed and said that it would give me nightmares, meaning it as a compliment. Turns out, this one was in honor of his dead grandmother, who'd raised him. FML
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'you know it's opposite day' always works!

Creepy is creepy, regardless of how noble the purpose is. Don't sweat it.


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Awh that really sucks! For him. poor guy.

9 out of 10 Americans say, that out of 10 Americans, 1 will disagree with the other 9. True fact.

xSonic 9

10/10 real ninjas will say that you're a fake

zakkyzebra 11

FALSE. Ninjas don't talk. They are silence on the go.

No, I believe you are FALSE because everyone knows that you can't see or meet ninjas; therefore, no one would know whether or not ninjas talk or not.

What I don't understand is how its a FML when he insulted to the artwork..

'you know it's opposite day' always works!

Don't underestimate the power of opposite day 34!!!

If its opposite day, then by saying 'its opposite day' would counter itself. Which also means saying 'its not opposite day' isn't legit because then you would be true.

Creepy is creepy, regardless of how noble the purpose is. Don't sweat it.

Well op should apologize and at least try and make up for it.

I once put this really ugly sculpture of my housemates away in the cupboard, only to find out it was like his great grandmas. Very awkward.

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Thats a very strange compliment to give someone.

OP probably thought it was meant to be a creepy horror piece, in which case that is indeed a compliment.

Dead grandmothers are usually creepy... It's ok OP how were you supposed to know? Just be nice and apologize and you'll be good.

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After you said it was creepy, You should have said that you meant to say creepy great.

now he is trying to raise his dead grandmother from the grave..

"It's creep...ily beautiful!" never ends up as you'd hope. Don't worry too much OP, you didn't know.