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  Today, I was greeting customers at work. After saying good morning to one man, he stopped and looked at me from head to toe before smirking and saying, "Mmmm." He then turned around and said, "It's starting." It's only my first day. FML
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  bethyc4  |  26

Teen mom is a horrid show and I do not look like that selfish disturbed jenel chick yuck! I do on the other hand look like a leprechaun slapped by pancakes made out of special brownies that fell out of rabbit ears ^.^ put THAT on family guy

  kasumirock  |  13

I want whatever you're smoking bethy. Because you probably think you're cute but they're hitting on you because your pushup bra is doing a nice optical illusion. Come at me haters. >:)


#3- Creepy compliments are kinda hard to take. I once had an older gay gentleman give me a compliment along the lines of "your eyes are so pretty, I wish I could just eat them". I just gave a awkward chuckle and said thank you... as I back away slowly! I didn't want my eye balls eaten!!
But anyways back to my original point. Creepy compliments are hard to take, especially if you eye balls are on the line...


I'm only going to assume that when OP said "good morning" and said creepy customer checked her out and said "it's starting", he meant that it's starting to be a good morning.