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Today, my mom sold my Magic box at a garage sale because I "never use it." Locked inside it was my fake ID, a couple of hundred bucks, and a bag of weed. She can't remember who she sold it to. FML
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noelykins1 19

Did you explain all of this to your mom? Well guess now if cops ever search your house you'll have no reason to be arrested. Have fun living the legal life.

What's with parents giving away their kid's items without the common decency to check with them first?


noelykins1 19

Did you explain all of this to your mom? Well guess now if cops ever search your house you'll have no reason to be arrested. Have fun living the legal life.

blcksocks 19

Really? It's probably safer not to tell mom about your bag of weed and fake ID. Forget the money. YDI OP.

Spottedfeather 7

It's not ? Huh. That must be why people get arrested for having it.

mcaisse77 17

It is in all 48 states besides Colorado and Washington. OP is from Oregon, so yes, it is illegal

Bunaf 4

And even in states that have legalized it, marijuana is still illegal under federal law.

It's not illegal to have smoked weed It is however illegal to: Be in the possession of it Drive under the influence of it And of cause to be caught smoking it

It's only illegal in states that have legalized it if you're caught by a federal agent. And honestly, they have way bigger criminals to catch.

It's legal to have sex with a horse in 23 states

Its legal in Alaska, California, Colorado, Washinton D.C. (our capitol,) and several others

Recreational usage is only legal in Colorado & Washington state.

Well, even if OP was in Washington or Colorado, considering they had a fake ID, I assume they weren't 21, which is the legal age for using.

MikeMikeTheAzn 3

Weed is legal is several states but ONLY by state law. National law says that weed is ILLEGAL. So if somebody like the FBI catch you with weed in Colorado they can arrest you because they work for the NATIONAL government. The NATIONAL government is supreme over the state law.

150- I didn't realize that the definition of several is now 2. and btw it gets ANNOYING if you keep using caps for certain words. You don't need to point them out to us, we get it.

Sooo your mothers essentially a drug dealer now?

noelykins1 19

I live in Washington. The laws for the state are absolutely no tolerance when driving high. Must be 21 to have possession and to smoke it. You can not sell it, and I'm pretty sure you're not allowed to grow it unless your business has those permits. As federal law is concerned, unless Washington has some dude tearing people's faces off while high on marijuana they don't need to be involved. The federal government will eventually sway into the same laws as Washington and Colorado.

mariah3269 4

But u can get a little card thingy that says its ok to have /grow it but you have to have some sort of "medical" problem like my "back aches"

lebronesque73091 12

YDI for having a fake ID and bag of weed that is hidden very well.

Only in California and Washington is it legal to have for recreational purposes(actually not sure about Cali) ... Federally it's considered a type 1 drug meaning its banned for both recreational and medical purposes..... Only a handful of states allow it for medical purposes

Good grief, they don't just give you marijuana for a simple back ache. They give it to you for illnesses such as cancer. My boyfriend has cancer and has to take medical marijuana, and he hates it. It makes him ill and uncomfortable. I don't know why people take this drug recreationally. And the fact that you put quotations around "medical reasons" and "back ache" makes it sound like you either think it's bull, or you seriously think that they give you freaking marijuana for a simple back ache. There's this thing called a pain killer, and THAT'S what they give you for back aches.

This is so going to be thumbed down but seriously alcohol does more damage than weed so before everyone starts preaching 'weed is bad for you...' People have to remember drinking copious amounts of alcohol leads to hospitalisation whereas smoking copious amounts of weed will just make you sack out and sleep... I work full time and in my spare time I have a good smoke with my friends rather than going for a drink and I'm totally fine...

honeybadgerr 9

She deserves for the 200$.. Why wouldn't OP put her money in her wallet.. Or better yet the bank! .. But OP's life sucks for losing the ID and weed. That's actually not a bad hiding place

I put all my money in my safe in my room. Going to the bank is a hassle at times. And who wants to carry around $$$($) in a wallet. You're just asking for something to happen.

honeybadgerr 9

That's why I mentioned the bank...?? You basically repeated exactly what I just said.. And putting money in a safe? What if your house burns down? is the best bet

desireev 17

23- I would say that the reason the money was not in the bank is probably because the moron is an underage kid who smokes weed who needs the cash at a moments notice when "O Boy" calls. When you're young enough to need a fake ID, you have to have a parent/legal guardian on your bank account. And I'm pretty sure that Momma isn't going to take her sweet baby to the bank for a withdrawal to get some smoke.

How? She was just being a teen and having some fun. Don't tell me you didn't. That was a ******* good hiding place and her mom was just an idiot for selling something that isn't hers. FYL OP. I feel ya...

Spottedfeather 7

Not everyone is worthless by breaking the law. I wasn't. You don't have to break the law to have fun. If you think so, you must be worthless as well.

Thats bullshit. she didn't deserve it, her mother sold something important of her without asking. It doesnt depend on the content wether this is a FYL or not.

I would have said she deserved it for the weed and the fake id. I know loads of people who hide money in their houses! If your house burns down I think you'd be distraught about the whole thing not just the money!

Oh yeah, let's all bash pot smokers. You do realize that the majority of good musicians, actors, and performers of all types, at least smoke pot. Smoking pot doesn't make you worthless. If you're worthless, you'd be that way anyway. Don't blame the drug, it's all up to the individual.

85- That's why I hate both the drug and the individual.

Jesus christ, there are a lot of judgemental assholes on fml tonight. Everyone has different ways to have fun, deal with it. How did OP's fake ID and weed affect you in any way? Most of you are acting like she was caught putting kittens into a sausage maker. Get off your damn soapboxes. Thumbs down away.

79 so when you smoke weed or have a fake id, you deserve bad luck? why?

desireev 17

I'm not saying that anybody is worthless for smoking weed. But don't complain when your shit comes up missing or your mom accidentally sells it in her garage sale. When you do something illegal, that's the risk you're taking. If you're willing to do something illegal, you have to be willing to accept something bad happening. You can't have your cake and eat it too. Or, in this case, have your weed and smoke it too.

147 said it very well. If you hide stuff, expect it to be found, always. Because what can happen, normally does happen.

If you need pot or other drugs in order to have fun, you are a weak minded individual with no creativity. Try doing things you will actually be proud to tell your grandchildren about (unless of course you are a YOLO moron who does not expect to live that long). In my opinion of course. I don't care if someone smokes, but it does change my outlook on their personality. The poster/person deserved it.

You're taking a risk losing anything you have... It doesn't matter if it's illegal or not.

Because being judgmental on a site like this is fun and anonymous. The site asks us whether or not they deserve misfortune, so obviously judgement is not only allowed but encouraged. Along those lines, I'll throw my two cents in: the kid deserves it. For everyone arguing that recreational marijuana is just fine, realize there is a reason why there are laws against it. Despite what you might think it is a gateway drug, statistics prove that. In addition it is expensive, unhealthy, impeding, and comes along with so many other negative effects it's really not something I'd put my money on. Be glad it's gone, and use this as a vector to kick your addiction before you begin to fill the shoes of the typical deadbeat.

165 - The laws regarding marijuana have greatly lessened over the past decade. Hell, two states just voted to make it legal. It isn't unhealthy, and it's not as much of a gateway drug as everyone always thought. If you want to look at the statistics, then take a look. There are hundreds of thousands of deaths every year caused by alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs (heroin, cocaine, etc), but not a single death caused by marijuana usage. There have been countless smear campaigns against the drug, and now they're all being discredited. They've even found many medicinal uses for the herb. That being said, I don't smoke pot, but I'm the last person who would judge someone else for using it.

I personally have watched people lose their lives over marijuana. It's at least as expensive as smoking and alcohol, and the fact that (regardless of the severity of the laws) it is illegal only serves to hike the price. No one I know of in my school or areas of involvement have managed to juggle pot and success (high grades, positions of responsibility, etc.) so regardless of what you say, there is validity in the so called 'smear campaigns' as I see evidence of their at least partial truth on a regular basis. The people I know that do pot are the low echelon of people at my school. This is just my experience, but I imagine this trend is present in most other places.

You've seen people die from marijuana use? The only way I know of someone dying from its use is a severe allergic reaction to the cannabanoids, but not from any inherent health issues, such as lung cancer (cigarettes), liver failure (alcohol), or overdose (heroin). I can also guarantee that there may be a few "closet" pot smokers who do juggle marijuana and good grades, and I personally know quite a few people who are successful potheads. I never mentioned anything about the price, as I know it's MORE expensive than alcohol or tobacco. That wasn't the point I was making. There are many people who buy into the marijuana propaganda, but it is quickly becoming more acceptable.

85: "All the cool famous people use drugs. Thus, drugs are awesome." -.-

coolboy675 16

And your mother had access to your illegal shit because...

OP probably thought a Magic Box would be an inconspicuous place to put such things, and that nobody would find it. probably didn't expect their mother to go off and sell it.

honeybadgerr 9

Seriously... OP wasn't kidding when she said the box was "magic"

RedPillSucks 31

probably because its the moms house and she can do what the hell she want s in it, including sell stuff.

NagainaFier 16

Wrong. If its my shit, it's my shit, regardless of who bought it for me and where it's located. OP's mom had no right to go taking their shit and selling it off. Granted I dont have anything illegal, but WW3 would break out if my mom did that.

NagainaFier 16

Slight amendment. I just disagree with the mom having the 'right' to sell something of her daughters. I understand and accept that parents have the right to know what's in their house, but if it's not illegal (i.e the magic box, because I'm assuming OP's mom didn't find the 'stash'), they should just leave it alone.

Sucks when parents look through your things & get rid of it. But hey, now you know you need to hide your shit better!

OP's mother shouldn't be going through his stuff anyway, never mind selling it without his permission. Privacy is a human right. The fact that there were illegal things in there is beside the point.

Actually in the charter of rights privacy is a right dumb ass

Actually according to various pieces of legislation created by several bodies of authority (the UK government, the United Nations, etc) the right to a private life applies to everyone. Unless they live under an oppressive dictator of course.

RedPillSucks 31

wrong. there are lost of places where there's no expectation of privacy. and if OP is a minor, her privacy is controlled by her parents.

Judging by the fake ID, you're lucky she didn't look inside and ground you until you don't need the ID anymore.

xXxIracebethxXx 14

"Locked inside..." I don't think the mom could have opened it easily to look inside, anyway.

Whoops, missed that part. She's lucky she doesn't have a really snoopy mom, then. I know some who would try to find a way to jimmy the lock before selling it.

16- Its okay, it's not a big deal. 13 just likes to bitch about everybody else's comments, instead of making original ones herself.

71- Actually, it isn't. He isn't correcting or trying point mistakes/missed things put. :)

xXxIracebethxXx 14

#30 - Oh god, I thought I was rid of you. Christ, I was just pointing it out. Even #16 understood I was just kindly pointing it out, I wasn't even bitching... So, stop bitching.

Sure, 16 probably hasn't seen the other bunch of useless bickering comments you post. But at least 30+ people seem to agree with me on this, so maybe you should knock it off.

xXxIracebethxXx 14

#148 - Lol, I wish there was a way to block you from seeing my comments, seeing as you always have to comment about mine. Hypocrite.

162- Yeah it's a shame for me, but also everyone. You could just stop commenting altogether, for everyone's sake?

xXxIracebethxXx 14

"Everyone's sake..." Ha, 30-40 people liking a comment is not everyone. 10-20 people unliking a comment is not everyone. Obviously, there are people who do not care for taking a side. Why? Because they are mature and know that bickering will cause something like this; annoying, useless, quarrels created by people like you. Refrain yourself from commenting about my comments. It's a hassle to keep myself entertained when I realize you're acting like a personal fanatic of mine. *yawn* This can all be avoided if you learn to handle and accept even the wrongs of the Internet, even when mine are innocent and plausible comments, even if not to your eyes. Come back when you have matured. Thank you.

What's with parents giving away their kid's items without the common decency to check with them first?

Allow me to add on. . . Not that what was in the box was okay. But it could have been anything.

Are you saying that a couple of hundred bucks isn't okay?

Of course it is, but a fake ID and weed isn't.

The_F3rris 11

Because parents today, like the hellspawn they raise, have absolutely no respect.

perdix 29

#6, Yeah! And then using the money to buy hooch, get drunk, take off 50% of their clothes and start fighting with appliances? What the hell?

Now with Colorado allowing recreational use of marijuana, all of my towns' potheads will move there. Good riddance, too. I don't need the smell of weed in my school or anywhere near me.. and is it just me or does weed smell like shit?

RedPillSucks 31

no worse than cigarettes or cigars. I don't smoke pot or cigarettes, but it seems the anti pot crowd has bought the 1950 propaganda

Mortoli 30

Lol #102 sounds like you've got experience of that idea lol.

These kind of events weed out the idiots. I'D reconsider hiding that stuff somewhere like that again.

Trisha_aus 15

You're right! If only she found my jokes funny in real life!

Congrats - your mum shouldn't just sell your stuff without even asking but now you have a fresh start and the opportunity to be a productive member of society! I try not to hate on people just for smoking weed but weed, that much cash in hand and a fake ID all together tell me you probably aren't out there getting a part-time job/doing voluntary work/studying/whatever...

You're making judgements based off some personal sense of higher morality. When I was 19 I worked 56 hours a week as a detail and layout designer at an engineering firm, went to school full time at night, had hundreds in cash on hand all of the time and smoked weed every day. While this isn't likely the norm, many people like to party as hard as they work. If they're meeting responsibilities who are you to judge? Smoking weed isn't like the movies where all you do is lay around and eat, and it doesn't mean OP is partying all the time and doing nothing else. If you don't have the experience in something you shouldn't make judgements about people who do.

Did you even read the comments? You just said yourself, your situation is likely not the norm. I am well aware that those items don't mean OP is definitely a failure, I just said it may be likely, which you agreed with. I even mentioned that 'I don't enjoy generalising and usually try not to but the amount of 'evidence' here meant that I made a judgement of what was likely' specifically to avoid these automatic 'you said all stoners are morons, you're a horrible, judgemental person' comments. I'm really getting bored of having to defend and explain every comment on here because people take things the wrong way or sometimes just plain make things up.

Fake I.D , huh? Well, that tells me a lot about you.

My dad had a fake ID in college, now he makes $300,000 a year.

One example concerning one person doesn't mean anything. Also, dishonesty is unfortunately common in some workplaces and actually a way up through the ranks as long as you know the right things to say (blackmail, sweet-talking, gossiping and rumours, tax fraud, expenses fraud, etc). So a high paying salary doesn't mean someone isn't corrupt and doesn't make lying and breaking the law okay. Just saying.

I'm jealous of the lucky bastard that bought your "magic box". Seriously, imagine the look on their face when they found the goodies inside. I bet they are having a great day. Sorry for your loss OP, though in a way you kind of deserve it

What if the kid was like 11 and became a drug addict then?

unknown_user5566 26

75- Chill out and step away from the ridiculous conclusion. If an 11 year old ended up with the box, I'm sure it would be in his/her parent's hands first, so they would likely remove the drugs and other items.

BunBunBabe 8

I agree with 12. If I bought that at a garage sale I would be happy with my purchase :)

crackz12 10

Smoking weed doesnt make you a drug addict..unless you meant he would use the money to buy real drugs