By ilikecake - United Arab Emirates
Today, it was my boyfriend's 24th birthday. His friends were throwing him a surprise party and I was in charge of getting his birthday cake. As a joke, I got it in the shape of a penis, with a graphic marzipan design. Funny, I never knew his overly-conservative parents were invited. FML
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By  rukusrazor  |  0

#2 - DIAF!

I again call on my FML Staff pals to please help in showing these assclowns which way the bonfire is so they can DIAF. Maybe enlist a 3 strikes policy?

I personally think the penis cake is HILARIOUS. He's 24 years old for christ's sake. He can tell his parents it's a joke and to chill the fuck out, and if he can't.. Is that something you want in your life?