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Kids these days…

Today, I'm a host at a restaurant. We had a birthday party for a couple of 15 year old boys and their friends. I went to clean the bathroom at the end of my shift and discovered cake everywhere, including all over the urinal. They were even nice enough to draw a smiley on the mirror with icing. FML
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  LiveLaughFML  |  10

I feel like a hypocrite. what these boys did were wrong. they are 15 years old and should know that not everyone is fortunate enough to even ate a slice of bread daily in these economical times. but then again, if that were me & my friends, we'd probably mess around and have some fun too. but not in that type of manner, that is just gross and disrespectful. :/

  LiveLaughFML  |  10

#52 okayy buddy, calm down. there's no reason for you to get offended over one comment. this is FML, not school. as long as I'm not typing Lyke Diss there's no reason for to complain =]

  duckman9  |  54

you know the OP was talking about teenagers right? the words teenager and mature dont really fit in the same sentence. I'd rather go for teenager and "get off my lawn".

  Bleachfan_fml  |  0

We're not all like that. But we all are a bit insane. I just know that my actions have results. But the Op just described almost everyone else at my high school. It's hell just going there.