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By  maikeru1979  |  23

don't feel to bad OP. I have done this as well, granted it was 14 years ago and I was way beyond drunk(0.36 BAC. actually had alcohol poisoning from that night).
So just remember you were not the first to ever do it nor will you be the last person to ever do it.

  PenguinPal3017  |  19

I bet this guy puts his penis inside the toilet to pee in it.

You know you can pee into things, you don't need to put your dick inside.

By  WeirdUS  |  29

To pee in the opening of a soda can you either have to have amazing control and aim or your dick is very small and you were able to fit it in. If he’s able to do that without getting pee everywhere I’m guessing he’s had a lot of practice that’s pretty nasty

By  Taurus_ChicKa  |  36

Why would you drink from a can on the floor, anyway? If you didn't put it there, God knows where it could have come from, who could drank out of it... or could have peed in it.