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Today, my fiance told me he thought it was time that we started to see other people. I'm six months pregnant with his baby. FML
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I'm sure karma will catch up and take a meaty chunk out of his ass.


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What does it have to do with Victorian England? This was a common aspect of morality in most parts of the world until recent degenerate western values began to poison people's minds through the media.

#10: It's absolutely amazing how tolerant you are. I just hope that the rest of the world treats you like the idiot you are. OP: I'm really sorry your fiance is a jerk. Try to put him out of your life, and concentrate on your new baby :)

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YDI for having a baby out of wedlock? really? well...where i come from it's still the father's responsibility. just because she got preggers doesn't mean he just gets to leave...unless you're still from the 1800s with male domination anyway, OP, sounds like you're better off without him. do you really want your baby to have a father like that? just let him leave.

Agree with #10. Sex is one thing, but its STILL a bad idea to get pregnant with your boyfriend/fiancee. There is a much higher chance things like this will happen. And to all the offended posters defending the behavior, its not something out of victorian england. A child has a right to TWO stable parents (even regardless of gender). Spin that any way you want but thats one value that won't go out of style.

First of all, having a baby out of wedlock does not immediately classify the to-be mother as a "*****". A pregnancy can result from the very first time, and even if you're absolutely diligent with your birth control, or use multiple forms of BC, accidents can happen. Second, it's as much the father's responsibility as it is hers, so he needs to be a man & take care of his fiance & future child. To "AussFart": It's totally fine if you want to spend the rest of your life in that Amish village your were born in, but don't pass judgment on others just because you're frustrated that God will smite you if you touch yourself. To the OP: Make sure that, if you do end up with other people, that he pays child support. It is his responsibility (and yours) to help raise that child, & you need to make sure he does.

Greeneye, you seem to imply that this was planned. Accidental pregnancies occur all the time. Plus, the OP thought she & the baby's father were going to get married, thus providing a stable environment for the child to grow up in. It isn't the OPs fault that her fiance wants to run off with other women, now is it? So while I agree with your statement about children needing a two-parent home (regardless of gender), your other points, in this particular scenario, are invalid.

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what if they were going to get married anyways? the baby could just be a reason that it sucks hes leaving her, it doesn't mean they were only planning on getting married for it

Seriously? Anybody who thinks its her fault for geting pregnant out of wedlock has to be a stupid ignorant asshole or some kind of self righteous ****. You guys are a serious disgrace to humanity and should never judge anybody because your stupidity makes you look stupid. Use logic next time you post something. Goddamn arrogance cloaked in self righteousness

I agree with they guy. Sounds like the best time to see new people.

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Actually, the fact that people are saying such things about wedlock could very well have NOTHING to do with religion or tollerance. When people get shitfaced drunk, post what happened to them here, and have people say "YOU DESERVE IT", how is that any different from what people are doing here? Chances are, she's been told of the benefits of waiting untill marriage to have sex and end up pregnant. Can you guess what the disadvantages of doing such acts like sex before marriage are? Yeah, she gets no sympathy from me. The reason people say "wait untill marriage" is that it weeds out the dirtbags like the OPs ex-boyfriend. It's like someone saying "I caught HIV from my boyfriend when we were having sex." Well then ya shoulda waited since such things are easier to deal with when you've both committed yourselves to each other.

I call complete bullshit. It's like a competition nowadays to see who can make the best FML.

If he's that much of a dick, he probably would have left her if she was married

I love all the virgins on the site rubbing their hands with glee at the thought of someone who was actually having sex getting screwed over. You are all really, really sad.

LET HE WHO IS WTHOUT SIN CAST THE FIRST STONE!!!! It is totally retarded that you are blaming her for getting pregnant. She doesn't deserve to be hurt like this, adding to the stress she already has on her body from being pregnant! Who are you to judge...I wish that you never feel this type of pain but if you do I hope that people make you feel jus as bad as you are trying to make someone else feel. JERK!

If he was that much of a dick they proably wouldn't have ended up married.

Because marriage licenses are 100% effective at preventing cheating, accidental pregnancy, and STD's. And it's also impossible to get married if you're a jerk, right?

amen to that, your all Fucken insensitive pricks

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A ***** is someone who sleeps around with a multitude of partners . Not at all somebody that got pregnant with their (then) future husband .

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I'm sure karma will catch up and take a meaty chunk out of his ass.

What a bitch. Milk child support out of him.

that happends when you get married with a bad boy! and listen to Tarynkd..

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That's an awesome insult. ****-nugget. Feels good. I'll be using that from now on.

First the story about ignoring a dying dog, now this. FML has become so depressing lately.

i mean fml is where people write about depressing and negative life events

165, it's mostly funny stuff not sad stuff

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What an asshole. If he gets a new girlfriend, meet up with her and tell her about this. I don't think she'd stay with him acted that :D

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Oops, I meant 2 write after, not acted. Damn ipod autocorrect

You have got to be the most retarded idiot to visit this site.

you cant get an abortion when your that far along only up to 5 months and at 5 months they make u go into labour and give birth to it

In some places they actually "abort" the pregnancy by killing the child while the mother is in labour. Some are legal through loop holes like they explain here: and not so legal: Of course that's in China where there are those one child laws but still.

Actually it's legal to abort a fetus at any stage the only problem is almost all doctors cerrtainly won't abort in the third trimester, and most won't after the first.

Just make child support hell for him.

make him pay for EVERYTHING in your child's life. he bloody deserves it. make him suffer. how horrible of him! there are such cruel people in the world...

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HAHAHA! Are you serious right now?! What? Did she get pregnant by God? Artificial insemination? He made the decision as well to have sex with her without any sort of protection. The blame is equal. Asshole.