By wifeofafainter - 24/09/2015 06:31 - United States - Bronx

Today, I told my husband I was pregnant, then he fainted. FML
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Man who knows what's gonna happen to him in the delivery room!

Bless aha, he's probably just shocked. Congrats op :)

Congrats! Imagine his reaction if you are having twins. At least he didn't walk out for a breather and never return.

when my dad found out he was getting twins (myself and my sister) he was so pale in the face and slumped in is seat (out of shock). thank god he was sitting! but yeah, one more than he expected

That's not necessarily a bad thing. He could be happy.

Yes OP. It's not a bad thing that your husband is a massive wuss and passed out at the announcement of the baby, let alone the delivery.

the joys of parenting starting already. from watching other couples and being a live in nanny, that probably won't be the last time...:)

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Becoming a parent is a huge responsibility! I'm sure he's just very nervous.

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Congratulations :) Once heard of a guy who fainted during his wife delivery.

Well, he couldn't have said anything bad about it.

Faintness of overwhelming joy is actually a thing. Congratulations on the baby.