By Kutakito - 15/04/2013 20:18 - Sweden - Saltsj?baden

Today, my 25 year old brother dumped all my underwear into the fireplace for interrupting him while he was playing WoW. FML
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If he gets accepted to Yale, burn his letter! What could go wrong?

Could be worse OP. He could have thrown YOU into the fireplace.


He was on fire and you interrupted! What do you expect!?

WoW, I don't know what you're talking about.

ApollosMyth 22

I'm assuming they changed the FML? Maybe I'm daft but I'm not getting your comment. >.

toughchick14 15

WTF?!?!? Does anyone get what this person is saying?

FIRE, as in, a pun based off the fact that he put the underwear in the FIREplace. Good God you people are thick!

ApollosMyth 22

33, I took it in the literal sense that he was on "fire". I guess it passed over my head that they meant in the game..

RpiesSPIES 27

#42 The other FML could relate to many different MMO's and was not specified. Not all online games concerning guilds and raids are WoW.

I thought FML commenters prided themselves on puns

Lol why everyone who commented here have too many negative votes!!

5, it's world of Warcraft. And no, I don't play it in case someone asks.

If he gets accepted to Yale, burn his letter! What could go wrong?

lincolnkite 6

I just hope he doesn't play in the middle of the night. His raids wake me up.

attitude and get into yale, correlation is equal to zero

Ali_Br_fml 33

& 17 years later, he can write an FML about it.

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I highly doubt that a 24 year old from Sweden would have recently been accepted into Yale. Arguments are thus invalid.

Your doubt doesn't make it invalid, 69. People out of country can go to Yale.

lincolnkite 6

My friend from Norway is going there.

Llamacod 11
lincolnkite 6

She is almost 22 now as a Freshman due to how classes transferred and school systems.

I am sorry, I'm not that smart, but what the flying f*** is Yale.

lincolnkite 6

It is a somewhat prestigious university. People think quite a bit about it, but it is not my cup of tea to be honest.

How do you know that it was intentional?

Maybe she was trying to tell him about the tragedy that happened in Boston. For the love of God! He was just playing a game... My sincere sympathies for all of the victims ... Am so sad to watch this unfold. :(

I don't know why I got downvoted. I'll be doing laundry and the second I walk into my brothers room and he concedes a goal in FIFA I'll get a controller hurled at my head.

If it was over something super trivial while he was about to get a world first Lei Shen hc kill... Then I'd understand. Still, why underwear? o.O personally I'd go for hair dye in shampoo

Razinbow 8

4- Why not? Makes as much sense as his reaction at all. ;)

death943 10

At least he didn't cut all of your bras OP

Airman1988 9

I have to say if I was pissed at my sister and was gonna burn her clothing, underwear wouldn't be my first choice. Then again I don't fancy handling my sister's underwear at all.

Zimmington 21

51- Good to hear after the FML from yesterday

OPs secret fantasy to get his sister in a room with no panties on duh.

My guess is that he was angry enough to inconvenience her by destroying things she needs, but not angry enough to destroy things that were particularly important to her or that couldn't be easily replaced. Unless they were really expensive lacy Victoria's Secret type underwear, in which case he unleashed the furies of Hell upon her wardrobe.

Ever wear jeans with no undies? OP's brother is an evil (but still pretty immature) mastermind!

Could be worse OP. He could have thrown YOU into the fireplace.

Llamacod 11

I would say that would be unlikely but then I remember how messed up societies around the world are and have to agree with you.

I'm wondering where someone who plays WoW so excessively that they get upset when they're interrupted finds the time to get offline and burn ALL their sibling's underwear. I suppose throwing her in the fire would be much faster, right? .. And less awkward

That's... very mature of him! Your parents must be proud.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

I'm guessing her parents are pissed. I've bought panties and bras for a gift a time or two and they are anything but cheap.

#54, I'm guessing that her parents were pissed as well! I can't imagine that anyone would be proud of that incident, thus the sarcasm! My brother is 14 and my parents would be beyond pissed if he did that. I can only imagine what OP's parents thought about their 25 year old behaving in that way.

wannabesinger 16

That gives you an excuse to go shopping! Everyone could always use some new underwear!

shaww 28

You should turn it off next time... but hide all of your clothes :)

Razinbow 8

And anything else of importance.

That is the worst thing in the world of gaming, next to power outages.

Llamacod 11

Hiding all your clothes is the 2nd worst thing in gaming?

...turning off the game is the 2nd worst thing in gaming. Hey, maybe she interrupted while his guild was fighting a boss and they all died because of her. I don't know, I'm trying to justify this here but it's not working so well.

olpally 32

Because that's a pretty reasonable reaction... It's just a game. Your brothers a dick.

Just a game?? You know nothing of the world

olpally 32

I do, I used to be a hardcore gamer, then I grew up. He's 25 ffs. I'm 26, he needs to control his emotions playing a game like that. That's just uncalled for.

olpally 32

118, prove it. If so, that's pretty ******* pathetic.

Okapi_fml 12

How is it pathetic? Many games nowadays are great stress relievers, have beautiful visuals, and plots and characters more in depth and intricate than most popular modern literature? I'm confused, by hardcore gamer do you mean you were unnecessarily aggressive and emotional when it came to games and then "grew up" up and learned to take it easy? Or that you played a lot of games and "grew up" and abandoned that hobby? Either way, I think the only thing that grew was your ego. Being a gamer isn't pathetic, acting like OP's brother is.

olpally 32

Yes I used to be like op's brother, but I wouldn't destroy my sisters stuff if they unplugged a game on me. Trust me, I have no ego. I still do play video games, just not as much. Her brother needs to learn that his behavior is completely out of line though.

It's WoW, you never interrupt someone who is playing WoW. It's number one on the list of unwritten gamer rules ffs.

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