By Reno - 15/04/2013 16:25 - United States - Reno

Today, while trying to find my phone in the depths of the sheets on my bed, I gave my comforter a huge shake. A second later, I heard a crash. My phone had miraculously flown straight into the glass of water on my nightstand. Found it. FML
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If it was a Nokia it would have survived

Calling it would've been a better decision.


RedFox12 7

Look on the bright side, I'm your first comment!

If it was a Nokia it would have survived

shaww 28

No.. It would've caused an earthquake..

RpiesSPIES 27

No, the solar system would've imploded.

No, it destroyed the universe before ours and started a new big bang!

No, it wouldn't have moved. It takes more than a simple "huge shake" to move a Nokia.

No, it would cause a temporal shift and send us all back in time. Then it would start to become unstable, and collapse into itself, and shrink beyond its capacity into a ball of infinite mass, creating a black hole. And since no one has thoroughly explored a black hole, it's anyone's guess as to what happens next.

I'm afraid your wrong my friend. Nokia cannot become unstable.

iammeorami 25

Imagine if the Nokia vibrated O_O

Calling it would've been a better decision.

How so? OP already knew it was somewhere between the sheets. Calling the phone would not have untangled it out of there, OP would have to shake the sheets anyway. Calling the mobile phone wouldn't stop the FML from happening.

I thought #4 meant it as call the shot before it happened first. Lol

No, 4 obviously meant that OP should have just asked the phone to come out first.

@#21: It could locate the exact area of the comforter where the phone was, so that the shaking wouldn't be so much needed.

Sing_Along 7

A lot of people don't even have landlines anymore. And op might live alone or was home alone so there wasn't another phone available.

Let's call it a day, just take comfort in knowing that you can Sprint over to a store and hopefully get it replaced.

If I were OP, I miggght just flip out. Oh, pardon the 3G's there

It's ok, sometimes you've got to use extended.

RpiesSPIES 27

I see you've-rison above the need to continue the puns.

Let's hope that's not a Cingular quality

Wizardo 33

What are the chances, you must've broken a few mirrors, said hi to a few black cats, dropped a few ladles of salt and walked under a ladder company, bad luck to say the least...

Helldemon 32

Not really, things tend to fly out of a blanket comforter if something is inside it and you give it a huge shake.

The surprising part is that it just happened to fly directly into the glass of water, not that it shot out of the sheets..

shaww 28

you must have been giving your comforter quite a shake to make it fly into your cup

Helldemon 32

Either way, if she shook it that hard, it would have flown into a wall or something and broke into pieces.

OP, that was unnecessary. Much more fun to make gentle, sweeping hand motions under the covers rather than huge, violent shaking. Someone needs to bone up on their bed etiquette lol

Hopefully you have some rice available!