By Vitani_Verci - 15/01/2016 06:57

Today, one of the kids at the daycare center I work at was so excited at the fact that his constipation was over, he felt the need to bring me his fecal matter, in his hands, to show me. Guess who had to clean up the aftermath. FML
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I wonder how many people and gonna try to make "the pun"


PePziNL 20

It would be so funny if OP followed up and said "The janitor."

Better wash him up so he doesn't get sick! But that is wicked gross so sorry that happened. Kids do the darndest things.

Steve97 32

At least the kid was happy fyl though working at a day care can be a tough and gross job >.

Oh the joys of working with children.

bubblemania 16

if you work at a daycare it's pretty much guaranteed that some crap is gonna go down..sorry you're the one who had to deal with it though!

The only shit pun that went unnoticed. Good job :)