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Today, my husband decided he needs to be thanked after every time he changes our daughter's diaper; if not he throws a temper tantrum. Now I have two babies to deal with. FML
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Because it's your child?

iAmScrubs 19

"Honey, I just changed a diaper." "Good for you." "Excuse me? Excuse me? I just changed a diaper and all I get is a good for you? I better get a thank you or I am going to throw a tantrum. Consider yourself warned."


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does he thank you every time you make a sandwich?

9... oh my god not another one of those things.

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no you have to change to diapers!

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At least he's not making dead baby jokes...

Well he shouldn't throw a temper tantrum just because you don't say thanks. That baby is his too and he should thank you as well.

He should thank you for giving birth to the child!

^ God dammit not another feminist. By your logic we should worship the birth mothers and thank them for doing what they are already expected to do by nature. Yes they went through pain but that's what they are supposed to do.

43 you know how weird that would sound? The baby comes out and the husband is like "thank you for my baby." if he is like me and has an accent (yeah I know everyone has an accent but you know what I mean) it would be really creepy. A baby is a gift but isn't literally a gift. Thank you is said when people give you something, or does something nice for you. It would be really weird to say that for a baby.

You don't need to take it up the ass 50. Just ignore it and don't make a big deal out of it.

fieldhockyluva24 4

i'm not sure how 43 meant the comment to come across but i read it as sarcasm. as a father he is supposed to help take care of the baby which involves changing diapers. if he expects to be thanked every time he does something that he is supposed to do then he should thank the mother for doing something she is supposed to do, which in your opinion is give birth.

ImmortalKratos 0

you better thank him! he had to put up with 9 months of you being fat, your mood swings, your food cravings and your disgusting morning sickness. so telling him thank you for changing the babies diaper ,a job that the woman is supposed to always do anyways, is the least you could do

sure 99. cause he holds no responsibility at all for knocking her up in the first place. I have been enlightened.

Don't ever reproduce 99. You seem like an asshole.

99-you really think highly of your mother.

The way I see it, 115, it's her body, and she's responsible for what gets put in it. That being said, he should be happy to get to change his baby's diaper. He's a daddy!!

it is her body. and she did marry him. a lot of men (and women) seem to change after marriage or after the first child is born. if OP is smart, she will either sit him down and let him know he had as much to do with making the kid as she did. they both got pleasure from it (normally... lol that doesn't always apply) she did the baking, he's just helping with the growing up part. which is the hardest and quite a thankless job.

thankless until you see how wonderful the child you raised turned out (if you did it right) and thats all the thanks he should need.

stephy2lee 2

he's the one that got her pregnant so he should be thanking her for having to deal with all the stuff she had To go through! and a child is both parents responsibilities!

In the animal kingdom it is the mothers responsibility. And she is female. It is expected of her to go through the pain. It is nothing out of the normal. It has been happening for millions of years. She isn't some amazing creature for giving birth. Very few women don't.

Both males and females take part in babies. And both have their ups and downs. Plain and simple the husband should stop acting like a two year old.

stop blaming either man or the wife for causing the pregnancy! if they wanted one it was obviously a mutual decision, if they didn't then it was both their fault for not making sure they were using protection.

146, what about penguins, where the father takes care of the egg??? wont somebody please think of the penguins?????

Fuck tha penguins. They just a bunch of punk ass butches.

A7X_LoVeee 10

Penguins are awesome! Fuck you for hating on them.

163- You're the one acting like a "punk ass bitch" on this thread... not the penguins.

before everything explodes more and chaos rules over these comments, has everyone thought, that maybe OP asked her husband to change the diapers, and that's why he demands a "thank you" from her part. because i really doubt that the husband just out of the blue asks for a thank you come on people, let's be racional

How does her asking him to change the diaper change whether or not he needs a thank you? Does he ask her to and thank her? The point is it's a shared responsibility, not a special task that needs a gold star. That being said, what does saying thank you hurt? Keep the peace, say it (heck both say it), make him feel appreciated and maybe he will do it more. I always figure, pick your battles.

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

Very few women don't reproduce, huh? I beg to differ.

wh in the world was my comment moderated

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Because it's your child?

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exactly, why would you want to insure the health of your own offspring by making sure they have all their needs met?

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But you could help and not get a thanks because the child is yours as well. If it was your friends baby or something then maybe you can get a "thank you".

cnastydawg 0

20 I agree I'm sure no one wants to change a diaper but If someone does it for you you should thank them

Since I helped make it, I'm not a person you should thank for taking an infant off your hands for a few short minutes, allowing you to do something else? I don't think people on FML understand how needy children can be and how busy some mothers can be.

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ohthebloodygore 16

Or maybe he thanks her for every single thing she does and he feels he should be thanked too. There is not enough of the story to say who is right and who isn't. Maybe he's an asshole who wants to be thanked for taking care of his child, or maybe he's a wonderful father who does everything whilst the mum sits and he wants to be thanked for it.

Also, I understand that he's being a dick. I wouldn't be too happy about my husband threatening me with temper tantrums, either, but both parents deserve thanks for taking good care of their child. Some people won't even do that.

Think of it the other way, what husband thanks a wife for changing their kids diapers all the time? It's both of their responsibility to care for the child. I think if the wife asks the father to change it and he says yes you should say thanks but if he just does it because he knows it has to be done then I dont see why a thankyou is needed.

ohthebloodygore 16

66, insufficient information in the FML. Maybe he does thank her for everything. Either way it doesn't matter. If he has a child then he should stop acting like one.

ym5 0

just stfu everyone on here clearly doesn't like you

Lexious, HE IS THE FATHER. He is the one who made the baby in the first place with the help of his wife. He should not be thanked every time he changes a diaper; it is part of his duty as a father. Op has to do it just as much as he does, if not more, without thank. It is the duty of the parents to take care of the child they created together. Neither parent should be praised more than the other for the same jobs they do. That's kind of sexist in my opinion.

ifailplzinsultme 0

106- I usually hate it when girls call a guys action sexist but in this case you are correct. OP's babydaddy has to do his job. He made it, he should change his baby's diaper without a thank you.

Yeah, just say thank you? Is that so hard?

maybe cuz she's your ****** baby?!?

If the father changes a diaper, he's doing it for his child not for his wife and vice versa. Its equally their responsibility, no ones doing any favors, it's called taking care of your child.

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ohthebloodygore is my hero.

Blackhandles 0

Well of course Patrick finds a problem with changing diapers. He has to work all day and only finds comfort coming home to watch a guy get hit in the head with a coconut.

xoashdabashxo 4

No matter if it's a parent or not, it's still polite to say thank you.

biasedshooter 24

seriously people if you share responsibility for something then you should do equal parts. the problem with el is that it is impossible to do everything equally, some jobs are bad and some even worse. if someone volunteers to do the worse job they should be thanked, because they are relieving you of having to take that same job. regardless of how you believe this person is acting from the 0 actual information given the guy is doing a job, and whenever someone does a job whether it is yours or theirs and it benefits you or someone you care about you should always say thank you because that is the polite thing to do and helps the other person to feel alot better about what they did. ps. anyone that called this guy sexist needs to get a life, just because someone wants to be thanked and treated like a respectable human being doesn't mean they believe the woman should be entirely responsible for taking care of the baby. grow up and stop calling "sexist" every time someone of a different gender does something you don't like.

but at the same time he shouldnt act like a child because the child learns from the parent and when that child grows up if he or she doesn't get what they want than they will throw one because they see their parent does it so they think it's okay.

the children and parents are busy children need more time if the husband is too busy to change his daughters diapers than he is a bad father and not to mention he acts like a child and his daughter will think it's okay to do something if he can do it.

dancerNsinger4li 0

omfg! Dont u ppl understand, ppl have already stated this but I guess ppl can not comprehend...If it is your child the father or mother doesn't deserve a "Thank You" it is THEIR child. It is THEIR responsibility! (Sorry about any typos or shortcuts)

here's an instance where a thank you is nice. husband is in the shower while I'm dealing with my 3 year old getting dressed. my husband walks out of the bathroom in a towel clearly needs to get dressed as I already am. but instead notices little susie's diaper is full so instead of getting dressed himself he changes her diaper because I'm busy with little Tommy. 'oh, thanx babe'. also, I was raised to thank my mom for dinner every night. it was her job to feed her kids but we said thank you. do I think I need to thank my husband for every diaper? no. but in some cases it's just nice. appreciating each other leads to a great marriage. temper tantrums, though, lead to couples therapy.

at least you don't have to change his diaper

Iknoweverything 29

Responding to what lexeous said in comment #66... "both parents" should get a thank you for raising their kids? WTF? Quite a few parents plan kids, and know life is difficult with one. The ones who don't plan them and step up to bat usually figure it out too. Yes, lets thank people for having sex and then taking responsibility for the consequences. (planned or not) IDIOT. This whole "it doesn't take much effort to thank someone" argument is obviously from the childless. He wants to be thanked EVERY TIME, and if he isn't, he throws a tantrum. That's childish. Bet he didn't thank her every time she breast-fed, changed a diaper, shut the kid up, etc. My guess is he also didn't thank her for warping her body with stretch marks, extra weight and a ripped open ****** either. You want to be a daddy? Change your damn kid's diaper, or beat it and pay child support. Moral of the story... if you don't have children and you're making a dumb argument, you're in for some interesting surprises.

morgan020 0

As a stay at home mom, anytime some one besides myself changes my sons diaper I thank them. Whether it's my husband or my mom. They're helping me out so I can get something else done and I want to let them know I appreciate it. My husband works and I raise our child. He thanks me all the time for staying home with our son and I thank him for doing such a great job providing for us. It's just the way it works. Saying thank you isn't a hard thing to do although many seem to think so.

Matty1188 6

I don't know. I've changed hundreds of my nephew's diapers over the last 2.5 years because I love him. I don't even mind.

stroudie94 9

168, I was waiting for someone to use that reference.

September_fox 2

It's not the wanting a "thank you" part that is making people call him a dick, its the throwing a temper tantrum and acting like he's 12 part.

missmurderx 8

Maybe some certain people should just stop reproducing. Problem solved. c:

Iknoweverything 29

morgan020... I'm curious... would your husband throw a temper tantrum if you forgot to thank him? Because THAT is the point of the fml. She's not mad about having to thank him, she's mad that he demands to be thanked and threatens a tantrum otherwise.

your gonna need a lot of diapers.

sandythongs 1

or chyloraform saves money in the long run

Kill him. You'll probably get away with it like Casey Anthony and OJ

SteelCladAngel 0

my ex had 'jewfro' pubes...

I think you're pretty! 72 is just a dick

rallets 22

or casey anthony

rallets 22

or casey anthony

Too soon, 13. Too soon.

bengermin 5

Just send him a message and start putting HIM in diapers, too.

richard121212 0

maybe he's mentally insane... O__O

as opposed to physically insane?

sara8866 8

YDI it you knew how he was when you married him!!!!!!!!!!!

Perhaps, perhaps not.

How come you didn't see this side of him before marriage? He needs to grow up.

snowdrift 6

i think it's time to cap a bitch.. ..smiley face..

73 - Are you referring to me?

maffy4ever 8

He should go into anger manegment classes. I'm sorry, OP.

At least he's throwing tantrums and not dirty diapers :)

zaksyak 1

maybe hes sick of being underappreciated

Maybe SHE's sick of being underapreciated. Men usually take women for granted. Guess what would happen when she would throw a tantrum every time when she cooks or changer diapers or cleans and wouldn't get a thanks. Bet he would be helpless.

ohthebloodygore 16

53, whoa too far. Nowhere in this FML does it say she cooks, cleans, or even changes the diapers herself. Generalising men isn't going to help either. Maybe he's the one who cooks, cleans, and takes care of the kid and just wants a simple 'thanks'?

I don't think someone who has that kind of responsibility in the household would throw a tantrum. But that's just me.

ohthebloodygore 16

85, maybe he's approaching her and whining about how he does everything and she doesn't. That could be a tantrum to her. I think if he has a kid, he should grow up. She shouldn't have to thank him, but it'd be nice if she did every so often.

WDLfootball 8

68 89. You are right! Not all guys sit around and do nothing all day. I'm 16 I work ,cook my own meals ,and clean. My mom died when I was young so I really don't have much of a choice!! More guys are like me than are lazy.

Iknoweverything 29

Hmm... His wife probably gained from the pregnancy some stretch marks, and quite a bit of weight, (which is very hard to lose) spent 9 months probably fairly uncomfortable, maybe some morning sickness, some hormonal swings, and having to pee every five minutes, then had some pain, either had her ****** stretched to a point where she'll need to do keegles for a few years or a surgery that she would need to recover from, all to give this guy someone to be a father to. My guess is he never once said thank you, since men usually take all that for granted. Yeah, he SHOULD be thanked for his two minutes of changing a diaper, it's such hard work.

Honey, be thankful he even changes diapers. My daughter's father had never changed a diaper and she's almost a year old. I would just say thank you, but that's me

Exactly what I was getting at in my comment.

This is how I read your comment: "Honey, be thankful your husband even acts like a normal father is supposed to do." Ffs, isn't it common decency for people who love eachother to help their spouse without the need of being thanked every single time? Or in your case, isn't it common decency for people who love eachother to help their spouse?

ohthebloodygore 16

14, I agree with 76. She shouldn't have to thank him each single time he changes HIS kid's diaper. If he was the one who always did and she was a lazy tramp then I'd understand why he'd feel unappreciated, but the FML doesn't say that.

76- it us absolutely his job to help, but since I have been on the other ens if the spectrum, with a bf ego never did a damn thing just because he worked, I would just thank him if he did something for our daughter. Not that he ever did. If that's the case and I were her, I would just say thank you

On the other hand, a temper tantrum just because you don't say thank you for doing something he should do anyway is ridiculous

132 finally someone said it, I hope 40 actually does shut up.

wrll we don't really know OP's definition of tantrum, it could be like: a thank you once in a while would be nice, because you never do anything. or: * crying* i just want a thank you*throws himself to the floor and starts hitting the floor*

xk75 4

wow low expectations much? just bc you bred with a complete ass hat doesn't mean everyone else should be thankful that they are smarter than u and make better choices than you.

just put ur tittie in his mouth, itll shut him right up.

flashback.miss 28

OP's husband" :" wah, wah, baby husband want milk, someone fetch me a nipple!' j/k. but wow, just word: therapy.. sounds like he has some deep seated issues or something.

Lawbynature 0

I think more of pop his dick in her mouth!

GeneralMotors 23

wow what a weirdo.