By WesJaz - 08/01/2010 16:35 - United States

Today, I was working as a cashier and a woman brought up a suitcase. As I was ringing her up I checked inside like I'm supposed to and I very jokingly say, "Look at all the stuff you're stealing." She laughed nervously then hit me in the head with her heavy purse before running out of the store. FML
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employee of the month - should ask for a raise

stupid consumers. cashiers don't get paid enough to put up with the shit they already go through


employee of the month - should ask for a raise

This is my favorite FML cuz it happened in Wisco. =D

look on the bright side instead of a thief it could have been a smart thief

Actually, (from my retail experience) you're never supposed to accuse someone of stealing something even when it's obvious that they are....

Agreed, obviously you were joking, but I was always told NEVER to suggest a customer had stolen anything. What if she'd been some hyper-sensitive woman, taken it the wrong way and kicked up a fuss? I still think this is a FML though.

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I think the words "heavy purse" indicate she had stolen stuff in her purse

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Exactly..ha The OP is supposed to check for stuff if there is stuff in there..what other reason is there except that they are stealing it

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so that it takes up less space in the shopping cart? lol that would have been my excuse

Yeah she ran out with an empty suitcase.. Aftet hitting the employee to get away.

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No shit. That's why the person said that.

Not in the suitcase, but I assume the purse had stuff in it

Good to know you don't notice it when people actually -do- steal stuff. Where do ya work?

um...she DID notice it....and then got hit in the head

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keeping the pimpette hand strong??????? O.o fyl.. but karma will get that lady, dont worry :)

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fantastic job. send that stealing biatch to the authorities.

stupid consumers. cashiers don't get paid enough to put up with the shit they already go through

agreed. cashiers can't do shit all about verbal abuse or anything like that from customers. OP, FYL...and good job.

Not exactly where I live most cashiers should have their sorry ass fired for all the 'work' they ever do

Spoken like someone who's never worked retail in their life.

YDI for not knowing the difference between "your" and "you're".

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i was going to say the same thing, other grammar mistakes are acceptable, but that one drives me insane it's misused so much, and it's so simple.

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Hahaha, you shout at a FML poster for making a grammar mistake. When a FML Staff member misses it you just say, no problem :) Sorry, that just made me laugh, grammar people, go ahead on this message and point out all my mistakes. :D

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Im so confused... Why was this comment flagged?

#22, nah. It's only fun to point out simple mistakes. It gets less fun when you become more strict.

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but you don't honestly think that OP deserved it because of a grammar mistake, right?

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The grammar mistake that gets me more than anything is its vs. it's. It's is a contraction of "it is." Its is possessive, used to describe something that belongs to "it." So basically, if you're trying to say "it is" use an apostrophe, but for everything else use no apostrophe.

ok i do that but 4 a reason im using ps3 internet and its really hard to memorise where all the symbols r