By WesJaz - / Friday 8 January 2010 16:35 / United States
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Agreed, obviously you were joking, but I was always told NEVER to suggest a customer had stolen anything. What if she'd been some hyper-sensitive woman, taken it the wrong way and kicked up a fuss? I still think this is a FML though.

By  SKYblue_fml  |  1

Was there actually stuff inside?

  Kingdutch  |  3

Hahaha, you shout at a FML poster for making a grammar mistake. When a FML Staff member misses it you just say, no problem :) Sorry, that just made me laugh, grammar people, go ahead on this message and point out all my mistakes. :D

  Islander_fml  |  5

The grammar mistake that gets me more than anything is its vs. it's. It's is a contraction of "it is." Its is possessive, used to describe something that belongs to "it." So basically, if you're trying to say "it is" use an apostrophe, but for everything else use no apostrophe.


Today, an old man wanted to return a fryer. The box had blood smears all over it, so I told him no. He became irate and demanded a manager. Management said, "Hell no and don't touch that box." When I came back, he was licking a paper towel and attempting to wipe off the blood. FML

By leafynitemare - / Tuesday 8 March 2016 19:20 / United States - North Hills
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