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Today, I got my dad to fill in a questionnaire my teacher handed out on Friday. One question said, "I would like to see my son/daughter ______." My dad wrote in the blank space: "Less often." FML
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That's messed up, I hope he was joking.

Look on the bright side, he could have written dead or injured... Or naked


That's messed up, I hope he was joking.

In a reverse situation, OP can write "in a care home" or "in an early grave" as an equally witty reprisal.

\ 28

I think its meant for replies like "succeed" or "do better" or maybe even "stop whining"

Or to spite the father, "Every second of his life until he dies."

pwnman 33

Same, why did he get the mum pregnant?

euphoricness 28

Because frosted flakes are more than good!

I think this is being taken far too seriously. Clearly it was a joke. I found it pretty clever actually. Something my parents would say. I think the more you can tease your family, the better relationship you have.

Rainhawk94 27

Holy crap.#2 your head looks photoshopped to your body

Well that's not nice. I'm sure he couldn't have been serious!

Or if he was, that OP finds a place where they feel the love

Look on the bright side, he could have written dead or injured... Or naked

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ViRepz 28

It's clearly a joke, get over it.

Joke or not, that kind of stuff isn't funny. Something not to be joked about.

Actually it is pretty funny and quite clever.

Any two people communicating decide between each other what is and isn't appropriate to joke about. Your lack of a sense if humor doesn't mean a father and his child can't joke about anything.

get over it its a joke my dad told me if my hair curls he's going to divorce my mom because I'm dark skinned yet he is light skinned

baseballdude1283 18

anyone who said nude or naked have got the filthiest minds. it's just wrong and disturbing.

SystemofaBlink41 27

Well, it's FML... I was honestly expecting something pretty screwed up.

Same. Come on, iknowiwantyou. You've been here for a while.

olpally 32

What an asshole dad. I pray to god he is joking.

Confront him about it, that's one way to know for sure if he means it. (I hope not).

olpally 32

You should be! It's all your fault! :)

Llama_Face89 33

This is the internet.. We are ALL varying degrees of crazy.

btw #50 did you mean "what is it with you people"