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What did I just read...?

Well that's vile. Spray him with Liquid Ass and see if he likes that

colton_colton 49

Maybe he should sleep on the couch for a bit

Maybe she should. If shes the one that's unhappy..

40 - So you'd be happy intentionally having to inhale smelly farts in a regular basis? Normal people aren't happy about that.

Go to war!

egg salad and ribs...

if you're lactose intolerant, a warm glass of milk will help you sleep

Beer, eggs, milk, and broccoli.

He's put way too much thought into that

you might wanna grab some Febreeze OP just in case it gets bad.

Well that's vile. Spray him with Liquid Ass and see if he likes that

What did I just read...?

"Today, my husband finally revealed that he's been secretly buying a particular brand of spicy chicken, eating it on his way home from work. He does it because it makes his farts smell just the way he likes it under the duvet when we go to bed. FML" Does that clear things up?

That clears up the FML, but unfortunately for OP it does not clear the air under those sheets..

One would assume that he ate the chicken because he liked it.

No, it's not because he likes the chicken, he just wants spicy chicken farts.

so he'd rather push you away with daily stinky gas than make himself presentable? obviously if you're married you'll see each others ugly sides occasionally but that doesn't mean you should stop trying.

He should lock himself in the closet after eating that chicken so he can smell them for a long time..

I think he might be planning a Dutch oven assault. Be wary, OP.