By isoheartcaitlin - 25/08/2009 03:34 - United States

Today, my boyfriend and I were cuddling after getting it on a few times. He holds my face in his hands, looks deep into my eyes and says "I smell chicken." FML
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lolzRaptor 1

Totally **** your life, out of everything on this website of misfortunes, unpleasant events and encounters, your life is the most ****** up. You must be extremely miserable, I feel deeply sorry that you had sexual intercourse various times, and then ended up having a smell of chicken linger around you. /sarcasm

I am officially over these kinds of FML's. Move on people


*frantically presses the 'SO WHAT?' button*

Ox_Baker 0

maybe he wants a CHICKEN SANDWICH? go fetch him one

in soviet Russia chicken smells you

xBloodTears 0

YDI for not being in the kitchen where you belong.

Monkeybutt1 0

Wow thats really an asshole thing to say

lmfao at the soviet Russia comment

falon142012 22

in Soviet Russia, ass laughs YOU off!

you're the worst person ever. that's so sexist and such a stereotype

no.......nobody said the girl smelled like chicken he just smelled chicken...maybe the neighbors had a bbq :)

Lone_Wolf_099 5

Yeah, there really needs to be a third option other than FYL and YDI. The third option needs to be "stfu and stop wallowing in self pity."

simplyn2deep 2

either you need to stop bathing in chicken broth, or that was his way of telling you that he's hungry. I'm jus' sayin'

idratherbewrestl 0

what happened to old school fml? back when they were funny and less emo and whiny

Ew. Smelling like chicken is not attractive. I really hope it wasnt you he was talking about. Maybe he was hungry?

hi_derrrr 0

he was obviously joking around... FYL, cause it must suck not to have a sense of humor. :|.