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  GokuSS400  |  18

Technically speaking, this isn't a case of copying. This would be a case of CHEATING/PLAGIARISM. Every school has severe punishments for plagiarism.

Explain that you had no part in the kid's cheating, and prove (somehow) that the work is yours as opposed to his.

In the future, use a pen to write your name on ALL pages.

Go back to your teacher, AND ALSO talk to your principal about this, since this goes beyond simply one or two instances. Plagiarism is a serious thing. At the absolute least your teacher should offer you a chance to make up the assignments that were stolen from you.

  ThrottleJockey  |  34

l actually did that in a high school class. The teacher suspected some of the people around me of cheating off of my test (as I had one of the higher grades in the class.) Therefore, he instructed me to intentionally select the wrong answers on the next test to verify is suspicions. He was correct as several of the other students around me failed the next test. For those that were wondering; yes, I took the real test later. I did not get a free pass.

By  RoseBlack123  |  37

Sounds like you don't write your name on it, because even if he erased yours and put his, there would be some evidence and I hope your teacher would be able to notice that

By  Shane557  |  12

Always write in pen and put your name in multiple places. also if you can give your handwriting something unique so that the teacher would be able to tell its you or at least not him. Also talk to your teacher about it.