By Anonymous - 18/12/2015 15:03 - United States - Dearborn

Today, my puppy went missing. I found him, unconscious but thankfully alive, in a taped-up box with no holes. My little brother eventually confessed to doing it because he wanted to sell my puppy on eBay. FML
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Red_Curls1995 28

I would kick his ass. That poor puppy could've died! I'm glad he's okay OP

That's a terrible thing to do. Hope he's in the dog house. Hope the puppy is alright.


That's a terrible thing to do. Hope he's in the dog house. Hope the puppy is alright.

Red_Curls1995 28

I would kick his ass. That poor puppy could've died! I'm glad he's okay OP

Steve97 32

I'm sorry but this fml is way too disturbing and messed up to have been posted :/

If OP's brother is old enough to use eBay and could do that to the dog, then he's old enough to know better. I would have no sympathy if she kicked his ass. So sad but at least the puppy is ok, probably traumatized, though :(

Time to sell the brother on eBay I think.

He should be grounded for life! I'm glad the puppy lived! That's ****** up!

I wonder how old your brother is. Either way that's an awful, awful thing to do. I hope your brother now understands that he can never do something like that again. I really hope your dog is okay!

Theater_Chef_3 30

If he's old enough to use eBay he's old enough to take responsibility for his actions

#43 you don't seem to comprehend today's generation. Kids now a days will know how to work a computer and download mods for games before they learn what a period is (so generally before 9). Being old enough to work EBay definitely does not mean he's old enough to understand that holes need to go in the boxes for animals to breath

And that excuses this action? That makes them incapable of taking responsibility for their actions?

Considering you have to be at least 18 years old to use Ebay, he'd have to be really damn ignorant to not know animals need oxygen.

You do realize it's very easy to fake that sort of information, thats beside the fact the puppy was probably boxed up BEFORE he planned to go on eBay and sell it.

Sosuke_Aizen 11

Kindergartners should know that animal need to breathe. Either OP's brother is a psychopath or their parents have done a terrible job raising their child, probably both.

Dodge4x4Ram 46

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I don't think that's the flaw in his otherwise perfect plan.....

vb68_fml 28

I don't think that's the problem...

fxreveryoung 19

You're brother is either too young to comprehend the need of oxygen for a living creature or a really big dick. I'm glad the puppy is okay, OP! Hopefully he won't try anything else like that in the future.

tantanpanda 26

I really do hope the puppy's ok. There could be brain damage from the lack of oxygen to the brain. If you're old enough to understand the workings of ebay, you should be old enough to know that more than just humans need oxygen. Brother is confirmed an asshole.

zeffra13 31

It's not so much "too young to understand need for oxygen" as "too young to understand a small sealed container means there is a very limited supply of oxygen."

That's when you put HIM in a box and attempt to sell him on ebay. See how he likes it.

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TAntobella 14

You don't understand jokes, don't you.....

Two wrongs don't make a right but three lefts do.

he'd learn a lot when the panic kicks in from the lack of oxygen. wait till he's unconcscious and then wait a little more till you let him. out.

why let him out? he deserves to die. suffocation is too kind for him.

Poor puppy! I hope you told your parents.

Sad to see people look at animals as things of monetary value. Obviously your brother has some growing up to do.