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Today, I had to run a mile in gym class for fitness training. If it takes longer than 10 minutes to run the stretch, you have to re-take it. My time was 10:02. FML
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it took you 10 min to run a mile? that's a long time

iAmScrubs 19

At least you weren't 10 minutes and 1 millisecond.


sarah_cheverie 0

I'm sorry... That's so lame.. Maybe just talk with your teacher.

bravesfan112233 0

exercise is good for you, stop complaining

sarah_cheverie 0

Nice picture...

i had to do that tooo , i got 6.38 :D

goldiefox 0

Try talking to the teacher? It's kind of after the fact and therefore pointless.

DudeImBetter 0

Get off your lazy ass and run a 9 or less. I could run a 10 walking half the lap.

lakaiskate 12

this is bs it doesn't take 10 minutes to walk a mile let alone run one. so fake.

Well at least you live in an area where they. care about your health! :D and a deals a deal op, you shoulda ran that tiny bit faster (: better luck next time!

DudeImBetter 0

Get off your lazy ass and run a 9 or less. I could run a 10 walking half the lap.

cesfire 0

I had two miles in 12 min

ilOlAtYourfMlnUk 0

haha lazy! I could run it in 7:35 seconds mmm yeah:D

lakaiskate 12

haters gonna hate. there is no way you can run that slow

I'm still running mine, I started last year, almost done :)

Heliol 8

Actually you can run even slower and have a valid reason. I had a severe injury to my right foot in my arch when I was 14. It doesn't roll correctly anymore and causes me a lot of pain when running. It even made my knee cap pull to the right so I had to stop getting on the treadmill even though I was only walking fast and had to switch to using bicycles. My senior year of high school we had to pass the presidents physical fitness test. I told my teacher that I have difficulty running and that it begins hurting as quickly as a quarter of a mile, so he said to walk. Then they said there was a time limit the morning of and that if you didn't pass this fitness test you couldn't graduate. I had tears in my eyes by the end of it and I barely made the time. My teacher couldn't even look me in the eye because he saw how much pain I was in and the other teacher that was there said since I had that problem I shouldn't have had to run it. So yes, it can be pretty hard to get a good time running a mile, don't assume everyone was born with the ability to run fast. Some people just can't do it because their feet can't handle the pressure, even if they're in shape.

Naggerass 1

Shut the **** up.

xmayne 0

anthrax napkin time.

Heliol 8

113-Well aren't you witty and well-spoken.(sarcasm)

my fastest time 6 min 36 sec and I ran that today! haha(:

EverybodyHatesCh 0

heliol you should write a book...

Kn0wledge123 21

Had to do the same shit back when I ran track in high school...and the same exact thing happened.

swimchica22 0

a guy in my school broke our record with less than a 5 minute mile! it's crazy....but possible!

my best time is 5 minutes 46 seconds, I'm fifteen and got my ass kicked in that race to.

67 - there is a way, god knows how long it takes me to run a mile lmao

this sounds like my gym teacher SHES A BITCH the deal was if u didn't improve by a minute on your best mile time u would have to do it again immediately after u finish I had to beat 7:19 and get a 6:19 o.O (I didn't make it)

ninjaturtleem 0

My mile is 5:53.

imcheerish 0

my daughter who is in 7th grade can run a mike un 8:42 your just sad

ilOlAtYourfMlnUk 0

lOl I wish? haha I would start something but you know I don't fight over FML;)

Jaimegirl 7

Ugh, I can relate to this, sorry OP :(

Why does everyone who posts their time get thumbs down? Just because there are people that can run a mile faster than OP, who basically inferred that he/she is slow, doesn't mean they deserve thumbs downs.

EverybodyHatesCh 0

I like cheese.

dude I can do a mile in 6 minutes I kno ppl at my school who can do it in 5:45 slow coach

staceysgenesis16 0

i dont think talking to the teacher would change anything. just get in shape and run it in 8 or less

I can run a mile in an hour.. okay, I can run it in 5:52. but I do track, so..

age doesn't have much to do with a person's ability to run a mile quickly. just because your daughter is younger than the OP doesn't mean shit.

DrewSmooth 0

for my final in gym I have to run a mile in under 7 minutes. be lucky you have 10

182.. haha ok sure..

sarah_cheverie 0

Agreed... that.. was a better point than mine xP

sarah_cheverie 0

Basically, if they do post their time it is sorta rubbing it in their face... I wouldn't personally want that if I ran a slow mile..

my ten year old kid had to run a mile In gym... she finished in 7 min


That's so cool that you were born in 1990 and you have a 10 year old kid! I'm sure your parents were proud when you got pregnant at the age of 11.

276 This is America. 1/3 people can't even do a pushup.

Is that a fact? I bet Mike really enjoys that.

184 - i wonder why. :P

I ran my mile Wednesday in 5:28

alexg823 0

*thumbs down*

SwaggerMelon 6

I recently ran my mile at school and went so fast I recieved a negative time.

your **** are too big run

i ran it in just over 6 minutes

nerdpower_fml 1

203- Because bragging on the Internet, especially FML, is retarded. I hope I wrote that last sentence correctly. i am way too stoned right now.

ilOlAtYourfMlnUk 0

I like how everyone who is faster than OP gets a thumbs down!

Maybe OP is a midget?

Just for the record 385, your comments made you sound like a douchebag. So I checked your profile. You're definately still a douchebag! Congrats!

ilOlAtYourfMlnUk 0

haha oh sorry only if I cared?

362 - It ain't bragging, it's laying some shame on OP, which is what the Internet is all about.

394 hahaha add him to the people you dont like

174 and how long does it take you? you dont know? wow thats just sad.

my friend runs a 4:36 but he is in cross country

kofinater 3

stop bragging about shit times, kid on my track team runs 2 miles in 9:36 and i can only imagine him racing against the op, shit would be hilarious.

hey cute. add me on facebook, Ellie Rose :) email [email protected]

agasshi_fml 0

174 You should learn to use proper grammar before critisizing others. You're just as sad.

My best mile time is 5:27. But a freshman (I'm a sophomore) got 4:59 earlier this year. Everybody says I can only do it because I'm African though.

my best time is 5:58 so suck it

Miq94 0

wow op you fat shit u deserve it I could walk a mile in 10 mins I run it in 4:30 haha

Miq94 0

hahahaha you legend

I just want to say that 10 minutes is probably for the people that do have disabilities, and since you didn't mention having a handicap, I'm saying you are a whiner and lazy

I'm a 13 year old girl and I have a very loose shoulder. Running, especially long distances, jarrs my shoulder out of it's socket. I'm awful at long distance. But I can easily run a mile well under 10 minutes, even when I have to pop my own shoulder back into place every few laps.

I'm sure there are a few circumstances where you couldn't run it in under 10, but most people are whiners. You can't just say 'This hurts I'm giving up.' (My iPod wouldn't let me post any more on the last comment so I had to make another haha)

juliet996 3

my time was 7.47 :)

jessesgirl14 16

I wonder how you run a mike?! Is it longer or shorter than a mile??

sweetly1120 6

Why did you even bother to comment?

Tons of guys at my school get under 5 minute miles lol I run a 5:28 and I'm a girl hah

I'm sorry but that is just sad. A mile isn't even that far. My schools volleyball team can run a mile in under 8:00 so u really shouldn't complain. I can run one in under 6:00. Stop complaining.

kalabunga 0

I'm in 7th grade and ran a 6:37......

wow so close lol.I would have protested

I run it in 7:20... you should do better honestly a mile isnt that far. I'm a linemen in football to

Thabb 0

I ran it at 7:50 in the SIXTH grade. I don't even think that's very good. You need to get in shape.

I'm kinda tuby and I can run 1 mile in 7:40

jvillan87 5

I was a total fat ass in high school (still am) and I ran the mile in just under 8 mins. When I was in the military I had to run 2 miles in under 15:54. YDI for being out of shape.

u guys r insane it takes me at least 10 mins to run a mile, but I am a smoker so.....

whippymcdumb4zs 0

I'm a smoker and I run it in 6 minutes.....

zbean 0

I have asthma, and the only time I run a 10 min mile, is when there are more than 5 miles involved. learn to control your breathing and just run faster.

I can run 1 km in about 5 minutes if I really tried, so that's about the time I would get. I'm a very slow runner >.>

10:02 is not 10:00

ZombieeeeUnicorn 1

I'm in eighth grade and I ran it in around 7:50 :) not exactly sure the time cuz I wasn't paying attention cuz I couldn't breathe.. still my best time though :D

ZombieeeeUnicorn 1

I'm in eight grade and I ran it in 7:50 :) not exactly sure the time cuz I wasn't paying attention cuz I couldn't breathe.. still my best time though :D

Everyone shoot me dead for posting my mile time..................fine...............but last year I ran a mile in 9:00. Which is bad, except for the fact that I had blisters all over my feet due to excessive dancing on pointe, and because of all the blisters, I had to run the damn thing in flip-flops. 9 minutes. Yes.........thumb me down.......I know you will..........go ahead.............

iAmScrubs 19

At least you weren't 10 minutes and 1 millisecond.

that would be epic

i walked a mile in 9 mins and 37secs. and im not the skinniest person.

SmallTownCutie 0

How the hell? when I tried to run and do good my time was 10:17. When I walked 13:20. And I'm average sized.

You should be able to walk a 10 minute mile. To be honest, running your hardest and not getting under 10 minutes is not very great, you should try to improve that.

Kuqito 0

Wow Op ur slow it took me 6:14 to run a mile and im in 8 th grade

You shouldnt have to worry unless you are a conplete fatass.

if u did it once, u could do it again right ;P? just faster.

haha thank you all(:


pablothepenguin 2

Agreed ^^^ (=

it took you 10 min to run a mile? that's a long time

stormer461 13

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stormer461 13


yeah, you needed that extra mile, OP. Ten minute mile is a light jog, not hard if you take care of yourself

The last time I ran a mile was in 5th grade, and it took me a little over ten. I never work out and I'm pretty weak though, lol :P

iAmScrubs 19

Not everyone on earth that can't run fast is obese. I know plenty of people that take care of themselves well but they just can't run fast. Perhaps OP is one of them. Everyone excels at their own thing and I'm sure OP has something that they're really good at.

A ten minute mile is not fast, Scrubs. Christ, I've been smoking for 5 years and run a mile in a little under 7.

I can fast walk a mile in 10 minutes so YDI.

iAmScrubs 19

73- re-read my comment. I never said a 10 minute mile is fast.

SubtleHints 0

73: And you're also a huge tool. As is anyone who uses the term "scrub" as an insult.

SubtleHints 0

Wow. Guess I'm the tool now. I apologize 73, I didn't see there was a guy actually named "Scrubs."

MVProbbins 0

Lol agreed. I can run my mile in 5mins flat. Then again I have to for track?

ihatecake 0

68 i have yet to meet a non obese person over the sixth grade who cant run a mile in at least 8:30 if they tried

Yup, sorry scrubs, I realized I misread you comment after I posted. It happens.

MVProbbins 0

106 there's a kid at my highschool that can't even walk a mile in the alotted 15minutes. you need to get out more.

iAmScrubs 19

111- It's no big deal. It's happened to me too 106- I see your point, but there are a lot of people who seem to gain more weight than others although they eat and exercise similar amounts. I would not consider those people obese because they are more "big boned". The teacher of OP's PE class should only make students re-do the mile if they aren't trying. We don't know if OP was trying or not.

I know. I have to in order to pass gym? Wait, that was supposed to end in a period! What's a period you ask, well, it's a thing you use to end a sentence that contains a statement. NO, although it sounds the same, it's not that timeframe when your mom is pissed at you for everything. The two words are homonyms, oh, wait, I'm confusing you aren't I? We will save that lesson for day two of first grade. Now, on to counting!

Comment 152 was meant for comment 102. Sorry, replying to a reply doesn't exactly work on an iPod.

MVProbbins 0

Actually 152/154 it WAS meant to be a question mark. Try re reading the comment and don't be such a jerk. I'm very proud of you for bein able to be an asshole on a website. FYL for bein an arrogant dick. :) now have a GOOD day!

ItWasAllWorthIt 0

In my school, 10 minutes was a goal time. Lol, and you only had to run it again if you got 18+ minutes. Yes, really.

totally agree I'm in 7th grade and to run a mile it takes me only like 9 and a half minutes ,and you're probably older then me

EriccaLuv 0

I happen to be 5'5" 120 pounds and I can barely run a mile in 11 .-.

Jokro_fml 0

#68 I agree not everyone who runs slow is obese, but anyone not obese can run a 10 min mile.

damienms 0

ydi op I run a 11 minute 2 mile if u can't do a 10 minute one mile ur out of shape lol

staceysgenesis16 0

agreed. 10 minutes is slow for a mile. if you cant run the mile in 10 or less then get your ass in shape.

XoacHale 0

your such a ******* liar bro get a life if you can run that fast and beat a guy from kenya you would be in the olympics

74 - well aren't you cool? smoking since you were 14, assuming your birth date is correct

XoacHale 0

your such a ******* liar bro get a life if you can run that fast and beat a guy from kenya you would be in the olympics

I am not a runner at all but I can steal run a mile in 6 mins....the extra mile might just help you in the long run :)

iReadFmlsFml 0

That is EXACTLY what I was thinking, I was about to post something similar but I see you have already, thanks ;)

kalabunga 0

wow really? when I was in 4th grade I ran it 7:16 and in 5th grade 7:30

randomguy1millon_fml 0

it takes me 11:30 to walk a mile

wow if you can't run a mile in less than 10 minutes maybe you should run more often

shrimp1234 4

ugh yah I can run a mile in 6 minutes

alexg823 0

You're a "scrub" for smoking.

joa76 3

#210--"anyone not obese can run a 10 min mile" sure about that? I'm 5'2" and weigh about 105 pounds, and I'm pretty sure I couldn't run a mile at all (no stamina). (And I make no claims whatsoever about being in shape, because I know I'm not...just naturally small.) Luckily we didn't have a stupid gym class. When we ran the mile (which half the time they couldn't even make us do, because the field was too muddy), all we had to do it. They didn't care how long it took. Heck, they didn't even care if we ran, which is why most people walked. We did have to run for about 5 minutes every day for warm-ups though (to a song, so however long the song was). I can run that long, and fairly fast, but it makes my ankle hurt so I normally don't like running very long.

yummycupcakegirl 0

while that is a long time, maybe OP has a disability like my friend who has stiff muscles. Or is just slow or out of shape.

kiran_fml 5

ok guys, I think we can agree that different people run different speeds regardless of size

babygirlchan123 0

agreed :) I'm lk kinda overweight and it takes me like 8 min, takes guys like 6, and I'm the most low stamina person:p

I think is interesting that everybody other then 5 criticized or put their time and got thumbs down. was it because she is attractive you gave her thumbs up? not that I'm surprised, just funny

020266t 5

Just because you can't run fast doesn't mean your out of shape. Some people just aren't as fast as others.

Jokro_fml 0

well 319 better start gettin your ass in shape

I'm a navy SEAL I've seen full grow men try out to be a SEAL and not run a mile in ten minutes it's sad next time push harder and don't slow down find a pace that works for you. and for all you people that don't believe Osama is dead he is.

Well, at least we know you'll die of cancer rather than obesity.

jskibabe22 4

im 14 and i can run a 7:00 mile without even trying

Hello, I'm skinny and I can't run the mile under 10 minutes. Skinny doesn't always mean fit, I really hate sports and running.

I got 8:45 my first mile ::)

I'm pretty sure you can't

kittykat1501 31

106 that means you haven't met a lot of people. Nobody in my high school gym class is obese and only a few of them can run a mile in less than 10 minutes. I am so thin I'm almost too thin, I have struggles for years to stay in the healthy weight range on he other side of the scale. I can only run a mile in 13 minutes, and then I can't stand for at least 15 minutes

KristinaKreme 0

Happens to me all the time. PE teachers suck.

didijustdie 0

especially when they are the ones who are fat!

Really? All but one of my PE teachers has been awesome.

KristinaKreme 0

Mine is okay. But she can be such a jerk when it comes to grades. I've been into millions of situations like the one OP has posted.

joa76 3

You can't really compare a 1 mile run and a 2 mile run. They require completely different pacing, and completely different stamina levels. My mom (who happens to be both a runner and retired army) always says she strongly prefers the 2 mile and finds it much easier to meet the time with that than with 1. ETA: This is not at all where this comment was supposed to was supposed to be a reply to a comment mentioning the army's 2 mile run requirement.

SadikOnuska 0

How is it the teachers fault that you and OP aren't in shape? The whole point of the class is to teach you to be healthy, if you can't run a mile under ten minutes you obviously didn't learn anything and deserve the failing grade. I am very slow, but after a semester in my Weight Lifting I class I managed to get my mile time down to seven minutes, there is no reason anyone can't do the same.

KristinaKreme 0

I agree with you. Except that in my class the passing grade is 8 minutes. When I got 8:01 I failed. See what I mean?

it's alright I just had the same thing happen to me ok so 13 year olds have to run the mile in 6:40 I ran it in 6:44

thisdue1775 0

I run in 8

thats not true.. you have to be super fast when your 13 to do that. i'm in pretty good shape and 13, and i run a mile in 7:45, which is considered fast for someone who is 13.

Ray9889 8

Yea 6.40 is WAY to fast for middle schoolers. Pretty sure it's like 7.30 for your age group.

uncbballwins 0

Is it just me or do other people have fat lazy gym teachers?

KatrinaKitten 16

Pick a prize, any prize.

BooGhosted 0


Why is that allowed? i cant take a P.E. or health teacher seriously if they're fat slobs.

I had one in like 3rd grade.. She was the nicest lady ever. She let me not do anything and fed me sweethearts, but was the real sweethearttt(: And she actually did care about her students health and everything, she just liked me and knew I wasn't fat and ain't nevah gonna bee. :)

uncbballwins 0

86- Then she made you go take a shower, and watched so you didn't fall and hurt yourself.

KatrinaKitten 16

94, You have a crazy sick imagination. I love it.

Yup. I was her special friend ;)

uncbballwins 0

103- Laughter is my game.

107-emphasis on "special":)

same here and mine says he is a pro at everything we do

KatrinaKitten 16

My mile time is 6:20. Just putting it out there. Haha, I'm totally going to get tons of thumbs down for bragging.

uncbballwins 0

"Putting it out there?" ;)

KatrinaKitten 16

Sí. ;)

KatrinaKitten 16


hook_em 0

Ahh it's not bragging I'm assuming it is just a competitive side from athletics? if so I understand I'm the same way

mines 7.06.. and I'm fat. over 200 pounds

KatrinaKitten 16

Being in volleyball will do that to you, I'll admit.

AaronTkr 0

mines 6:19 I win(;

KatrinaKitten 16

65, I am really proud of you. You have amazing ability if that's true. By the way, those shades really slim you out.

KatrinaKitten 16

Only because I let you:)

I play volleyball too

hook_em 0

I win actually 78 I ran a 5:20 ha and 76 thats what I figured it is just an athlete thing but hey it's not bad because once you get out in life it will drive you toward your goals more than what you think

KatrinaKitten 16

That's cool. I play for my high school team. What about you?

KatrinaKitten 16

5:20 is really good. Nice.

hook_em 0

I played baseball for my high school team and in college

5:45 woooo haha hockey training

zacharytk72 5

same :D

A ten minute mile?? If you didn't walk at all you'd beat that.... Fight the pain and just do it. ydi

shortie916 0

I play volley ball three :)

Chaos5 0

5.35 soccer gets you in the best shape.

KatrinaKitten 16

That's true. One of the fastest runners on my track team was a soccer player.

Swimming and wrestling are definitely the two sports that get you in the best shape. But track and cross country runners probably get the shortest mile times.

KatrinaKitten 16

Yes! But, swimming sounds like it works everything. Too bad I don't particularly enjoy it.

5:21 soccer training

Im an 800 guy so i rarely run the mile... ran 5:02 at a 4xmile relay a couple weeks ago, could'a been faster though as it was a tactically inept race I have little experience with. keep in mind, I run everyday, be it intrevals, tempo, or easy recovery. yay track!

I ran a 8:16 mile a couple of months ago. Granted, I was also carrying a fifty pound pack. Firefighter training.

alexisbabby 7

I love volleyballlll(:

vbsdlover21 0

I play volleyball too! (: it gets you in great shape!

I usually run a sub 5 mile. I'm a 260 guy. yes that is correct, no I don't play sports, nor run competitively. just 6 yrs of being an Army grunt.

chikachikawahwah 0

swimming ftw!

Clynes 0

5 13 ;) cc and track does that to u

supralover 5

youre really really pretty

KatrinaKitten 16

Thank you!!

I run a bit over 5 but I'm only commenting because you're pretty

*cough* 4:25 ;) that's what varsity cross country/ varsity sprint does to ya. btw, I'm only a freshman

Not to brag or anything but my mile is 5:05

lol well it took me over a minute to do the hurdles at skool... but i managed not to knock 2 of them over (:

oboewhore_xD 6

*cringeeeee* My best friend still has scars from middle school hurdles! D:

SoulSinner 0

haha I still do hurdles and track season just ended, I have a scratch going down the front of my thigh from it haha and a 10 inch scar on the side from a cheer practice I had lol :)

ohhh I hate hurdles.! I fell in between one. like in the middle and scratched up my back