By BetterThanFake - 13/01/2010 00:03 - United States

Today, I made a fake MySpace so that I could flirt with my boyfriend and see what he would do. He ended up dumping me for the fake MySpace girl. FML
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So, technically, you guys are still together.

Orchid_fml 2

are you twelve ? awee it's cute that you're allowed to use the computer .


afallingstar 22

copied story from everywhere wonders u fail

OP, your maturity level shouldn't allow you to have a boyfriend in the first place. YDI

You've just learned a valuable lesson about entrapment.

OP, you know what to do, right? Be patient and keep it going till he falls madly in love with MySpace You and begs her to meet him. Then meet him. Win.

And make the meet a place he'd never expect to see you.

Please do this and post what happens on here. On the plus side... least it's YOU that he decided he wanted to leave you for :P

So, technically, you guys are still together.

cartoonboy 26

Not still together back together

Orchid_fml 2

are you twelve ? awee it's cute that you're allowed to use the computer .

Universe_of_Time 0

Today, a random girl was flirting with me on myspace. She was amazing in every way and I liked her. I then dumped my girlfriend for her. It turns out the "random girl" actually is my now ex-girlfriend testing me. I failed. FML

The ending to this would be I passed with flying colors. tests don't belong in relationships.

Caayouteepie 0

Hahaha good job #5. It's a way better FML from the boyfriends percpective than hers.

That sucks. I meet a lot of cool guys. I don't go dumping my BF for all of them.

or even better: Today, a totally random girl started flirting with me on myspace. I soon realised this was my girlfriend so I dumped her 'for' this other 'girl'. FML

You're comment sucks and you're a doctor who fan. You're a disappointment.

U must be hard on the eyes if he could hook up with "you" without seeing what you liked like. But I guess he probably figured that this myspace girl couldn't look worse than what he already had. I'm gonna have to stamp that with a FAIL

waterynuggets 0

I'm guessing what she didn't include is that the guy is her internet boyfriend

As for OP's screen name... no - you are not better than fake.

Your first mistake was using a chick hotter than yourself. YDI

She never said that. And her first mistake was creating that account to begin with.

I bet he mushroom stamped you after you told him the truth. Then gave you a facial.

If you made a profile of a girl uglier and bitchier than you, he wouldn't have left, so you obviously faked a better looking girl with a better personality. So why are you upset that he decided to go for the better one? YDI in every conceivable way.