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By  Universe_of_Time  |  0

Today, a random girl was flirting with me on myspace. She was amazing in every way and I liked her. I then dumped my girlfriend for her. It turns out the "random girl" actually is my now ex-girlfriend testing me. I failed. FML

  the17doctor  |  12

or even better:
Today, a totally random girl started flirting with me on myspace. I soon realised this was my girlfriend so I dumped her 'for' this other 'girl'. FML

By  BlacKFeet  |  0

U must be hard on the eyes if he could hook up with "you" without seeing what you liked like. But I guess he probably figured that this myspace girl couldn't look worse than what he already had. I'm gonna have to stamp that with a FAIL

By  RuralNinja  |  0

If you made a profile of a girl uglier and bitchier than you, he wouldn't have left, so you obviously faked a better looking girl with a better personality. So why are you upset that he decided to go for the better one?

YDI in every conceivable way.