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Today, I called my husband during my lunch to tell him that I wanted to go out tonight for my birthday. We got in argument because he said we couldn't afford it. When I got home from work, he was gone, so I called his cell to see where he went. Answer: to the bar with his friends. FML
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Maybe he could only afford to because his friends were buying. But FYL nonetheless.

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Awww... Your husband is an ass. =(


Have a really good birthday, Go to the pub and ensure that he buys you dinner there - join him.

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more like go to the pub and tell him your divorcing him cuz hes an asshole

Maybe he could only afford to because his friends were buying. But FYL nonetheless.

That's what I thought too. D: Or maybe he did it just to piss off her wife because of the argument. >_o

Toxi, He was probably buying for everyone that night JUST to piss off his wife. His friends who know the guy as a mooch are pleasantly surprised at his sudden generosity.

Yeah, next time they should tell her he's cheating. She'll accuse him, he'll get pissed, and he'll buy more drinks for them.

The point is it's her bday even if he really couldnt afford it he should at least be at home with her

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Awww... Your husband is an ass. =(

Depending what she said in the argument, I don't blame him! Besides, it doesn't said he got anything there.

Who goes to the bar to not drink..?

#78- Uhh, I do. I can't drink because of a disease I have, but I still go out with my friends..

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this is a serious issue OP. talk it out, go to counseling, do something. divorce rates are so high because people give up. nonetheless, that's not cool.

Aww, that sounds terrible. Happy birthday though. I have a feeling that there are gonna be some stupid comments about getting revenge and/or divorcing him.

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Haha maybe he was only there to socialize... lol :P

Even if his friends did treat him out it doesn't justify that he still should've thought about doing something special for his wife.

Maybe they went out and it was their treat because it was celebrating the wife's birthday, just without her?

"...Golden Tee, shuffleboard, pinball, he's got the score that everybody around here's tryin to beat, he's a six pack up when he walks in, tells the band crank it up to 10, then he's up dancin on his seat, well he's a big mouth, yellin' hey play some free bird, says give me three steps and nobody gets hurt, then he takes off his shirt There's one in every crowd, brings the party in us out, good time charley with a harley, whiskey bent and hellbound, he's got the next round, but he always drinks for free, there's one in every crowd, and it's usually me, hey ya'll, hey ya'll, hey ya'll, there's one in every crowd..." You should know that marrying such a champ husband means he has to keep his rep

*wondering why you wanted to marry someone like that*

I hope you get all the comfort and confirmation you need from FML in that YES, he is a douche. It's not just you.