By everfresh - 26/01/2011 10:38 - Finland

Today, my boyfriend thought the garbage can in our kitchen smelled bad. Instead of cleaning it, he had it equipped with a Wunderbaum. Our entire house now smells like "New Car". FML
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but do you like the smell of old garbage accented with new car?

it's pretty gross when people just try to cover up a nasty smell with a good one. like girls who don't shower and just wear perfume. nasty.

....or when guys don't shower and douse themselves in Axe. Ew.

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It could be worse. At least he didn't buy them from the sex shop. Then your kitchen would smell like sweat.

It could have been worse! He could have sprayed your pussy like that Family Guy episode.

KingDingALing 9 that before...'

It could have been worse! He could have sprayed your pussy like that Family Guy episode.

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The smell of a new car is nice, but that's just being damn lazy. Is it really that hard to clean up?

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Good Lord, do you people really not PROOF-READ your FML before you post?

Boohoo, your house is going to smell like "new car" for a few hours.

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some people can't go on google and on fml at the same time, for example when using an iPod touch, and it's nice when someone explains what the unknown thing is before trying to shit down the app and taking forever to find it and then trying to get back to this fml, so please if you know spare us the search and just tell us

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u shit on the app? well that's not gonna make it work better..

Um, I think it's supposed to be air freshener, but translated directly from German, it means "Wonderful tree". I don't think that helps, but then it just might.

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It's the tree shaped air fresheners people hang from their rear view mirrors.


at least it doesnt smell like duece. quit complaining