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Today, my husband and I have been trying to buy a house and start a family together. Now I find out that he just spent $5000 on comic books. FML
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Mordakai420 6

Better have been mint condition #1

They will be worth 10 times as much later in life! He made an investment!


Mordakai420 6

Better have been mint condition #1

That would suck if they all were just cheap ones..

skyguy89 0

Where they comics or manga?

They will be worth 10 times as much later in life! He made an investment!

Invest in property not comics

2anonymous2 2

yeah then only his kids will hav money

Couldn't agree more! Just trying to point out the bright side of the FML. :)

57. Where can i get a property for 5,000. And what kind would it be? Thanks

You can buy a whole city block in Detroit for less than $ 5000.

ryukk_fml 3

Merry Christmas to him. :)

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I have to admit I thought of my girlfriend there :) I always give her that line when I buy comic books lol

xStaciexLynnx 15

Through my whole life I've never spent $5000 on shoes and certainly not all at once. Just saying.

And I've never spent $5000 on comics, though I am a comic fan. THIS comic fan spent that much, but I'm sure there are girls out there who have spent well over 5 grand on shoes.

My whole life, I've spent about 200 dollars on shoes. Not all at once. Just cheap 5 dollar canvas shoes are perfect.

davek 36

Worst. Husband. Ever. </simpsons>

not necessarily, but still pretty bad

Maybe in a few decades they'll be worth the investment xD

Most likely not unless they Are rare

You married a child.

Well if the husband is a child, then that means OP is a pedophile. The husband should be damned before he will sit there and e lectured to by a pervert!

Torva_fml 16

Pretty sure he's still a man... Just a boy On the inside.

Family Guy reference....

You are an idiot. So he likes comics, are women children for liking shoes (just an example)? And don't give me that "We don't spend 5 grand on shoes" bs, because we both know that there are women out there who do.

Airman1988 9

Perhaps he thought the bank accepted comics as a down payment? That sucks though =/

flockz 19

but aren't you glad he didn't buy 1,000 five dollar lap dances? look on the bright side, he still acts like a virgin.

What? How does one even purchase 1000 lap dances?

How? With a great big smile, probably.

Where the he'll are you getting 5$ lap dances, your sisters room? TORCHED!

KiddNYC1O 20

In Chicago the other day, some stripper wanted 30. I said "Have a good evening sweetie." Not worth it. She was drunk... or maybe I was.

flockz 19

59- what have you been doing with my brother Steve?

stevenJB 25

I buy comics/collect them...I Have a girlfriend and not A virgin....(>O_O)>

Full Metal Alchemist rules dude