By Cacahuete - 28/12/2013 14:46 - France - Villejuif

Today, a DJ friend of mine offered me a part in one of his tracks. I was flattered, and accepted. All I ended up singing was, "I'm a bitch, I'm a bitch" over and over again in the background. FML
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With the kinda music popular today, that sounds like it could be a #1 hit.


Every reply goes into the negatives.... So why the **** am I replying to #1 ....

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To Join the negative bandwagon, of course #36

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Shhhhh be vewy quiet , im hunting wabbits

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Wow, 1, if only there was a button for that

I did not comment that I suck. Who ever edited my comment, it's not funny.

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74# Don't be so stuck up about it. One of the mods probably did that. (Those sneaky little bastards...) But yes. It is funny.

You probably wrote "First!!!1!1" and got modded.

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Probably autocorrect. Your phone knows you better than you know yourself!!

Ilovetolaugh - It sure looks to me like you said it. It's right there with your name on it. Maybe just before you cry yourself to sleep because you suck so much, you can try to figure out WHY you suck. Only then can you change it. Good luck.

93, no, I saw the comment earlier, it said "that sucks" but someone funnied it up! :)

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way to be a bastard, docbastard! I hope ilovetolaugh doesn't commit suicide because someone bullied him online. all of you on here that find it funny or becoming to humiliate someone online is just worthless. go find something else to fulfill your life's emptiness.

This is the first time I've logged into this account in months. I logged into it just to say that yes, #1, you suck.

jonahwalzer 12

Im sorry OP! But today, thats how some music actually is....

Yes your so right. They had a song with the chorus "my nigga my nigga", that was also the name of the song. It was a major hit to!!!

I agree with #3. If you don't, look up, "Versace", "My Nigga" and "Sh!t" on YouTube.

The friend is a DJ, if the friend still spins then I understand why the "I'm a bitch, I'm a bitch" is needed

jazzy_123 20

what if the DJ was giving OP a hint....?

cryssycakesx3 22

I love the my nigga, my nigga song. or my "hitter," my "hitter,"

This is why I stay away from rap, pop, and computerized shit. Call me a hipster, but **** the mainstream music.

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yoursucklives 36

there's actually a german guy who has an album called "raop" and his music is just that

Which is ironic because from a musical stand point boy bands actually have talent. They play instruments, can harmonize correctly, heck they sing and dance while fat rappers like Rick Ross can barely sway with dieing

With the kinda music popular today, that sounds like it could be a #1 hit.

sounds like a good song to share with the ex girlfriend

came here to post this wasnt disappointed ;-)

Came here to see #17's post was disappointed.

Who wants to play the "let's assume shit we don't know anything About game" I don't...

Is he hinting at you? Perhaps he isn't even a song writer...

He gave his friend a chance to sing on a track of his, bad lyricist or not