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Today, while I was shopping, a girl walked past me and said, "Hola!" I'm Indian. FML
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Hey everyone, OP here! I just wanted to take this opportunity to explain a few things: 1) I am a female (not that it matters), and I am "India Indian" haha. 2) The reason why I was so offended by it was because she said it in almost a mocking tone. I also didn't like that she took one look at me and assumed that I was Mexican (not that there's anything wrong with being Mexican). I just don't believe in classifying people by how they look and automatically assuming they're a part of a certain ethnicity. 3) I have been taking Spanish for 3-4 years, so I can speak Spanish quite well. And I'm also so glad this got posted :)

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She was just being friendly. Just because you're Indian doesn't mean you can't speak Spanish.

^Believe it or not, not all Americans think like that. OP, there are some rude and ignorant people out there. Let's all just hope that she is the only one you'll have to deal with for a long time.


Some people are ignorant ***** OP. Sorry for that :/ when I say "hello" to someone I'm assuming they're English?

I'm sorry, but I actually found this comment kinda funny haha!

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Are you sure she was talking to you?, don't always make assumptions.

She was just being friendly. Just because you're Indian doesn't mean you can't speak Spanish.

And the other person wasn't Spanish-speaking?

Maybe I'm in the minority thinking this but mistakes happen. We don't know what you look like, and how obvious it would have been for her to tell. She was just trying to be polite I'm sure.

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Alas, I am practically broke! My hearty praise shall have to suffice.

People sometimes assume I speak Spanish. I don't. I'm of Portuguese descent so I'm a shade darker than most "white" people. No one's ever assumed I speak Portuguese, but that's okay because I don't speak Portuguese either. I don't think this is something worth getting upset about, personally.