By pissed - United States
Today, my husband called me from the store, trying to decide whether or not to buy the new games console he's been wanting. I'd already purchased one and hid it, ready for Christmas Day. I couldn't talk him into not buying himself one. There goes a $500 surprise. FML
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  MzZombicidal  |  36

I agree. I would have either have told him or just returned it and used the money on other gifts. Maybe even a bunch of video games for his new game console! :)

  Sports_guy3  |  28

Yeah. Same here #55.

I have 2 Xbox 360s and I love them both. It's better than Xbox One. More gaming on Xbox 360. All you can do is talk with friends on, watch TV/Netflix, and the same stuff you do on Xbox 360. PS4 is cheaper, and (from what I've heard) is a lot better than Xbox One. But Xbox 360 is better than Xbox One, and PS4 is better than all of 'em.

  CallMeMcFeelii  |  13

No, we must finish this! Xbox one dominates playstation. They made the decision to allow developers access to the almighty cloud if the systems processors can't handle what they're putting out, thus, this system is infinite! Until 4 years.. Then it's obsolete like my 360 :(

  Sports_guy3  |  28

That's what I'm saying, #86. Xbox One has more movies and more social time than gaming itself. That's why Xbox 360 is better. And CallMeMcFeelii, PS4 May be better, But everyone who's thinking about whether to buy an Xbox One or PS4, choose PS4!

  jazzy_123  |  20

She should have told him that she had a credit card debt or some kind of debt to pay and couldn't afford to spend that kind of money on a game system. Genius! lol

  DenBriZel  |  31

#86 while I agree with your Wiiu statement, as I'm a HUGE Nintendo fan (my daughter's name is Zelda :D), I have to disagree with the PC one. I do admit that the PC can play a slightly larger selection of games (so far, ps4 JUST came out so who knows where it's going) I'm going to say the ps4 is better.
I own one, I've explored everything about it and I can honestly say it's focused on the games.
Sony has even said that they created the Console with gamers in mind, unlike Microsoft.
Also, I have multiple PC Gamer-friends who have said that they are actually considering switching to a ps4 if/when they can because the new hardware of ps4 is on par with the best PC setups (also been confirmed by IGN)
And don't let the 500GB storage fool you. Unlike, the Xbox One, the ps4's storage can be added to with any PC part that will fit.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not completely hating on Microsoft. I'm a fan of both and plan on eventually getting the Xbox one as well, because there are some xbox exclusives I'm dying to play. But I've always leaned towards Sony, and the ps4 is honestly WAY better for any Gamer.

  Meettitan  |  14

Everyone assumes the Xbox One was about gaming (not that it wasn't), but Microsoft has proven itself in the gaming community; and the Xbox One was more about getting the chick next to the gamer like the Xbox instead of fighting with it over his time. From an objective, non-fanboy point of view.

  ImAFaker  |  29

Not that anyone cares but the PS4 is better for real gamers and the Xbox one is an entertainment console. I like both of them for different reasons but I like the entertainment part of the Xbox one so that is what I will end up getting.

  Bano360  |  25

Ps4s and xbox ones are sold out everywhere in Ireland nearly. I don't know what it's like over there but I'm sure she could find someone to sell it to.


Why not "no, it's anticipated to go on sale right after Christmas. We have too much to do before then, so you wouldn't have a chance to enjoy it and justify not waiting on it."

By  RLG4  |  20

I bought one for my husband a month ago, intending it to be for Christmas. He found it, opened it, and started using it when I was at the gym a few weeks ago.

  GraceyBlueEyes  |  13

I got my fiance a ps4. He knew from the beginning when it was pre ordered otherwise he would have bought it for himself. He got it right away, an early gift. A Christmas gift doesn't HAVE to be given on Christmas.